Strengthen Your Social Media Presence with These Powerful iPhone Apps

The concept of social media management has evolved rapidly. Raised by the age of internet and Smartphones, businesses all around the world have been focussing on the importance of social engagement and the active responses that strengthen the solidarity between a company and its customers. Social media management is on the cusp of another change […]

Apple’s iOS8- An Innovative Approach to Getting Your Fitness Goals in Order

Apple has finally unveiled iOS 8, its latest operating system for the iPhone and iPads on June 2014. This powerful operating system contains a host of new features which are faster and easier than ever. With iOS 8, Apple has come up with a health kit, a suite of tools for developers that allows them […]

Local SEO Guide to Reach Local Customers

Search engine optimization becomes more essential when it comes to research and select keywords which can give realistic ranking to a website. Let’s see how local search engine optimization can help a website reach local customers. You can also visit canadaneueseofor more informative knowledge on Local SEO and see how it works. Everybody Needs Local […]

Some Important Questions To Consider Before Buying Security System

Do you think you won’t be able to take up the responsibility of your family? If yes, then you should call up a professional who will help you in buying the right security system for your house. There are different security systems available at various prices. You will have to consider your budget when purchasing […]

Web Design’s Future using Video Streaming

Most companies realize by now the value of video streaming as an important medium. It’s not only easier and more effective to reach a certain target audience but it is also a quicker way to communicate what you want to. All that a person needs is to hire a company that makes great real or […]

Top 6 alternatives to Google search for privacy concern

Google is the best pal for any individual who needs to discover something online or learn new data. Every one of us favours Google as our web crawler, and truth to be acknowledged, it is that great! Lamentably, regarding security, Google does not stand great. It channels results for you focused around your past search […]

Creating Custom Alert Activity using CRM Development

The main objective of custom CRM activity is to display any kind of message in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The option will add a div tag into form with several predefined parameters like critical warning, information, and confirmation etc. The activity is using existing images so you don’t have to add the new ones. You can […]

Charging Smartphones Now Possible with Solar Benches In Boston!

This universe of technology has some amazing tech stuff to discover. Have you ever thought of charging your smartphones from the benches placed at the public places. Soofa, a company in Boston has been developing such solar panels that are placed on the benches to charge the smartphones. Isn’t it amazing? No one would have […]

Tomorrow’s Business Will Rely on Information Mobility

On June 17, 1955, the Walt Disney Company opened a new theme park called Disneyland in Anaheim, California. They had quite a few attractions, and one of the last one to be finished was Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland was Disney’s vision of the world of tomorrow, which in their case was about 1986. Some of their predictions, […]
iOS 8.0 Beta 3

Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 3 Is Now Running Out To Developers – Go And Grab It!

After releasing the first two version of betas Apple Inc. Released iOS 8 beta 3 into the wild on Monday with a number of bug fixes in the first two betas and a few of the new features & improvements for it’s mobile OS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.) at the Worldwide Developers Conference. As […]
Google Nexus 6

Have you Pinpointed your Nexus 6 Smartphone Shop?

Google has joined the world of the Smartphone production. This is one area that the world has shown quite some interest in. This can clearly be judged by the way the masses are queuing in search of these Smartphone and their endless thirst of even new products. Well, Google has not been left out either. […]
Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 / First Samsung Device with IRIS Scanner

Previously there were tidbits on tech blogs saying that the Galaxy S5 will sport IRIS scanner however now, since the official information of S5 are out, rumors once again tied up this news with its future brother Samsung Galaxy S6. The Korean firm has made all the qualms of techno-nerds incorrect by exhibiting the S5 […]
iPhone Applications for Students

The 20 Best iPhone Applications for Students

iPhone application market is growing at an exponential rate and it is very hard to choose the best application in your favor. As a student, it is necessary to stay in touch with latest technology trends and updates. Here is a compiled list of top 20 iPhone apps suitable for students. Let us have a […]