Java 9

Java Developers’ Excitement Reloaded For Java 9

Java 9 is a next gen enterprise development platform that features major improvements, including API updates and modularity. Java developers are feeding their expectations for the planned upgrade. Several JEPs for JDK 9 were recently updated with many offerings. JDK 9 has been targeted for release in the beginning of 2016 and is based on […]

Java Developers Assemble And Manage APIs With Amazon’s API Gateway Service

Java APIs are lean and simple yet developers put lots of efforts, with both the surrounding infrastructure and underlying programming to deal with rate limit, manage security and other things. With latest Amazon’s API gateway service, Java development team can leverage on ways to assemble and manage APIs. Its “server-less” route to APIs is the […]
iPhone Programmer

How iPhone Programmers Should Develop Ios Friendly Web Applications

Android developers may face certain fragmentation issues while designing mobile friendly web based app, but it not the problem of iphone developers. It is easy to intend such app solutions on iOS platform as developers can have advance options to deliver the best user experience to Iphone users. To know how it is done, hire […]

An introduction to new Computing technologies and relevant tools

A private cloud is a kind of cloud computing inclusive of a much more secure and private space specifically made operational for a particular client. The similarity between any other cloud model and private cloud is that they are both virtually provided service that is carried out using physical computing resources and difference being on […]

Android Apps Have Become Viral These Days

World expanded so rapidly that technology demands for the growth more rapidly as it do not before. Mobile market is the most demandable and expended market on international level. Android Apps Developers have made this more uniform and their application in tablets, smart phones, computers both laptops and desktops make the device more. Software solution […]

Learn About The Latest Trend Of Java Micro Frameworks

The time when language matures, complete libraries grow and swell. Major functionality saved in those libraries is no longer required for most projects. This is why Micro frameworks are there to address this thing. The idea behind the creation is to develop a focused and agile solution that drags the production process down to its […]

Java Outsourcing Brings You The Easiest Deployment Trick For Beanstalk And Cloud

At present, Cloud is wide spreading across the world where people are demanding java outsourcing company to move their data over the cloud for various reasons. The main reason may be to save costs. In this post, Aegis Java application development experts will make you learn about easiest deployment trick for Beanstalk and cloud. You […]

Big Business, Big Data and VoIP Monitoring by Matt Larson

Big business, big data, and VoIP monitoring — that’s a lot to say in just one line. But, these do fit together. In the modern commercial scenario, big businesses, as well as their smaller counterparts, are turning to VoIP because of its convenience, growth opportunities and savings potential. The security risks attached to the digital […]


AegisSoftTech java web development team, which holds vast portfolio for java development, is explaining the concept of SES and AWS on special request of their one of the clients. Normally people don’t really know the techs and specs of such services and thus, they remain unaware of the advantages and uses of these services. Aegis […]

How To Use Dynamodb And Cloud In Java Web Development

In this post, AegisSoftTech java development team will discuss the concept of NoSQL, AWS, and DynamoDB and how to use it in java web development project. The readers will also get to know about Amazon DynamoDB architecture and its data model concept. What is NoSQL? NoSQL – often referred to as Not a SQL – […]

Noteworthy Tips For Making Optimal Usage Of Memory On Android App

The popularity and features offered by the Android platform is no more hidden from anyone. Its users across the globe laud its valuable features, and this is epitomized by its whopping number of market shares that represents its gigantic audience base. No doubt the platform offers a great ease to developers to proficiently develop Android […]

Features That Make Pentaho Reporting Best Tool to Choose

Majority of companies’ manager need to answer certain questions like which reporting solution will work best for them, which tool to pick, etc. The selection can be done on the basis of customer’s choice, but there are more and less meaningful features that can affect evaluation. Checking and comparing the critical features is required for […]

Java Collections- a framework worth Choosing for Reduced Development Time

Serving itself as big and highly complex open source web development software, Java has been used by hundreds and thousands of web developers residing in different corners of the world. Java web development professionals have been on a constant hunt for tools that can aid in reducing the overall Java development time. Thanks to the […]