Cloud Security Tips

Top 10 Cloud Security Tips You Need to Know

The cloud is pretty secure because it is big business and the people holding all the strings cannot afford a big security breakdown. Even if one were seen to happen then it would set the industry back in a time when people are just learning how to trust cloud hosts. You should still be on […]

Add Fun to your Trip with Exciting Android apps

Whether you are hitting the road or want to fly high in the sky this season; just take your digital companion with you that can assist in planning the itinerary. Just ensure that you are taking your tickets and having all the connections lined up. You can also have a plenty of time to carry […]
Comparing Backlink Indexing

Comparing Backlink Indexing Services

By now, you have probably noticed that the market is saturated with companies selling backlink indexing services. Many boast that they provide high quality links at a reasonable price that will net you the results you want quickly while staying under Google’s radar. Although many do come through on that promise, you are better off […]

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Home While You’re Away

A vacation should be a safe and fun experience for the whole family: This can be a little tricky if you spend time worrying about the security and maintenance of your home while you are away. With a little planning beforehand you can easily prepare your home for a vacation, making sure that your possessions […]
Importance of Content Strategy

The Increasing Importance of a Great Content Strategy

Weirdly, one of the most overlooked aspects of a website is often the content. We often find that people would rather have some sort of flashy jQuery image or singing and dancing HTML than spend their budget on content. Content is a staple and one of the fundamentals to a great website and great online […]
strategy seo cycle

Which Social Media Platform Would Be Best for My SEO Strategy?

There are many social media platforms out there on the market, each providing the opportunity for outreach to customers and clients alike. Creating a social buzz through short and snappy snippets can help in both branding and product promotion, and by targeting segments of your audience base you can bring the products that your followers […]
Old Blog Posts to Generate More Traffic and Revenue

How to Use Old Blog Posts to Generate More Traffic and Revenue

It is sad when you think that the work you have done on your blog over the months or years is rotting away in some forgotten web page on your blog. It would be nice if they could be used to generate more traffic and revenue. If you are clever, then they can be. Refresh, […]

The Highly Debatable And Lucrative F-Commerce And P-Commerce Sites

With internet being an emerging domain in the modern era, there has been an increasing number of eCommerce websites which have successfully given the users an easy and interactive platform. The growing necessity of people to share their views and interest with different people on the other side has opened up new markets for social […]
Classic ASP Vs ASP.Net

Classic ASP Vs ASP.Net: A Clash Between Old & New Version!

Released in 1996, Active Server Pages or ASP is the server side scripting engine from Microsoft. This is used for developing dynamic web sites and applications. Classic ASP is the first server side script whereas ASP.Net was released in January 2002. The script is actually used to customize the page for the visitor. There are […]
How to monetize your mobile app

How to Monetize Your Mobile App

The first thing you should have done before creating your app was ask yourself what the benefits of your app are going to be for you as a creator. That way you should already have a few good ideas as to how you are going to monetize your app. Let’s assume that you are working […]

Music to Your Ears: The Next Big Advancement for Hi-Fi Equipment

The concept of listening to music on anything other than a CD player or a digital media player like iTunes might be anathema to some, but the future of music listening promises that music lovers will be listening through all sorts of devices and machines. Consumption will remain fairly steady – you can still purchase […]