How To Read Partial Data From One Hbase Table & Insert Data Into Another Hbase Table Using Hbase Mapreduce Program

Aegis Hadoop data architect professionals are sharing this tutorial with global Hadoop development community and to make them learn how to read partial data from one hbase table and insert data inside another hbase table with the help of Hbase Mapreduce Program. To learn it in detail, follow the steps below.

How Java Programmers Make Conversion between Collections of Wrapper Objects and Wrapped Objects

Java programmers have found Adapters and Decorators to be helpful in development. These “wrappers” perform exceptionally well when combine with java based application in a variety of situations to be implementation. Sometime we need to wrap a few more objects than the one we are actually wrapping and therefore a java programmer need to convert […]
expert Java Development

Why You Should Consider Expert Java Developers For Development And Not Amateurs?

Most of the start-up companies opt for open source technologies to limit project expenses. By selecting Java development platform for their business app, managers can avail advantages of JDK, Java Class libraries, and Java Runtime Environment. The management can also make selection from numerous Java platform editions as per their needs and budget.

How To Use Springroo For Java Programming?

Spring Roo is a lightweight tool and productivity enhancer for Java programmers. Java technology makes the Spring Roo fast and easy to create Spring-based applications. Roo is extensible and add-ons enabled text-based open source RAD tool that helps Java programming team to enhance the productivity. In this article, experts will highlight major benefits and con […]
Java SE 8

Things That Default Methods of Java 8 Can and Cannot Do

Java 8 releases help developers in modifying interfaces by adding new methods to make the interface compatible with the classes that implement the interface. It is very crucial in case a developer create a library that is going to be used by multiple programmers. Before the introduction of Java 8, developers were not allowed to […]
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LG G3: The Android Flagship of 2014

If you were looking for the most powerful Android smartphone of LG then you would stop at the LG G3. It is not just powerful but beautiful with its design and flawless with the performance. Following the trend of sports applications, LG is not much bother and released app LG Health – a simple and […]

Learn Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Alfresco

Every company expecting growth in approaching years is highly dependent on two things- customer management and document management. Both of these are massive undertakings and many of the amateurs fail to up bring these things and recognize the benefits. Fortunately, development companies have software tools to help such amateurs in managing both managements. Salesforce is […]
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First Samsung Galaxy Alpha Metal Phone

Galaxy Alpha is very unusual, and even to some extent experimental smartphone in the new line of Samsung. Formally, it is not a leader, not equipped with a huge screen with high resolution, but its price is at a level with the Galaxy S5. Galaxy Alpha comes once in five colors black, white, gray, gold […]
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Huawei Ascend Mate 7: The Record Breaker Phone from Huawei

Huawei has launched one surprising Android device in the 2014 and the phone is very interesting because of its amazing design that is challenging for the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Huawei Mate 7 comes in the following colors: White or silver, Black and Gold. By the way, there will soon be available another version of […]
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Xiaomi Mi Pad: An Amazing Android Tablet

Xiaomi Company has proved that Chinese electronics are no more known for its poor quality. Its smartphones boast an excellent price-performance ratio and flawless execution. And here is a new contender for the highest scores – the first tablet of the manufacturer, Xiaomi Mi Pad. Characteristics of tablet indicate that this is a flagship device. […]

Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3: Specs & Features

Apple sets record after record with their iPhone, but the development of the iPad goes relatively slowly. For the year 2014, sales fell by 12 percent – including for the reason that competition in the market has increased significantly, and the market was saturated. However, Apple introduced a new generation of tablets, this also applies […]

iPhone 6S With iOS 9: Releasing In Mid 2015

Many of the smartphone fans having the dream about their mobile and they expect something different in upcoming mobiles. In that way, for completing the needs of the fans, Manufactures will design the best mobile with unique features. Nowadays mobiles come with the extraordinary applications. These applications are easily spread in all over globe; therefore, […]

How to keep your blog posts coming on a regular basis

Becoming a blogger may sound like an easy quest, until you start your first blog. Every writer knows that keeping the posts coming can become strenuous. Perhaps your schedule is jammed with a ton of other tasks, which makes it hard to find time to write. Perhaps when you have the time to blog, all […]