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Contentmart is one of the India’s leading online portal, which deals specifically in the domain of content writing. In fact, it will not be exaggeration to say that Contentmart has single-handedly changed the way today content is sourced online. This online content platform is leading content provider and offers user-friendly interface. Within short time of its launch, this online portal has become a hotspot for both freelance writers and client. Launched by Creative Webmedia based in Gurgaon, the portal is providing excellent opportunities for freelance writers.


Freelancing is the field that has received more attention of late as more and more people are adopting writing as their career or a way to make some extra earnings. The government policies and various regulations are encouraging new professionals to come into this field. Amidst high growth rate where opportunities are many, the lack of systematic and user-friendly ecosystem is clearly being felt among both the writer and clients looking for quality content. Inception of Contentmart is revolutionary step in this regard and today this online content portal is meeting the needs of wide variety of clients belonging to different disciplines and areas of expertise.

The interface of navigation is very user friendly and for the past few months, company is working towards making this interface even more sophisticated and easy to use. The biggest draw of this online portal is unlike other portals, Contentmart is solely focused upon content projects. It is open to all the freelance writer across the globe and same is true for clients looking for quality content for their own specific needs and requirement. This enables a freelance writer to find wide range of client looking only for the content and in turn what clients will also find wide category of writers. Based upon the supply and demand, contentment is meeting successfully the need of freelance writer and client looking for fulfilling their needs in mutually beneficial way. It can be therefore said that Contentmart has open new doors of opportunities for both clients as well as writers.

As the focus of this portal is on the customer service, it comes as a little surprise that both client and writers find this place customized according to their needs. In addition to this, the core issues of content fields like quality and payment cycle are also given full consideration by the developers. Once the project is awarded to the writer, the allocated money is blocked; thereby providing a surety to the writer that he will be paid the promised amount. On the other hand, the money will not be released until the client gets satisfied with the quality of content. This makes both writer and customer equally sure about the payment and quality issues that are usually central to any freelancing business.

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