Resharper As An Asp.Net And Asp.Net MVC Development Tool


ReSharper is among trending and MVC development tools that helps developers efficiently work with and MVC projects, including markup files, with coding assistance, code analysis package, navigation, and code generation features.

A few of them work in web apps in similar way they perform in C# or projects; rest are fine-tuned for fixed requirements of web development.


Features Offered By Resharper

Code Analysis and AssistanceReSharper helps in extending the majority of its code analysis and coding assistance features for mvc and development projects and web applications.

Code Inspections and Quick-Fixes

When developers use C# code in markup and in code-behind files, they can leverage the whole ReSharper feature that brings code inspections and quick fixes capabilities.

Marker Bar and Status Indicator

Developers can now use the marker bar and status indicator in markup files to help in navigating between code issues determined by the ReSharper.

Context Actions

Developers can avail 25 context actions and get assistance for common markup scenarios. The context actions help developers in-

Code Completion

This feature works with tag names and the attribute values. It includes smart completion.

Import symbol completion feature helps .net developers in referencing non-imported user controls with no need of registration in advance because ReSharper will create the Register directive automatically.

Navigation And Search Feature

The Navigation Feature pack of ReSharper is available for development. Taken this instance, if a developer needs to avail an overview of markup items/products in his recently opened aspx file, he must press Ctrl_Alt_F together in order to see the File Structure tool window.

Navigation And Search Feature

Code Generation And Templates

ReSharper allows developers to create tags, web forms, and attributes with a set of 20 bundled web-specific templates and code generation.

Syntax Highlighting

ReSharper’s Syntax Highlighting feature helps developers when their inline code render blocks in their aspx pages with or C#. It offers-

  • Simply spot action and controller names in MVC calls
  • Leverage on regular syntax highlighting feature for C# and Vb.Net code.

ReSharper is the tool that brings a list of useful features for and mvc development company. If you want to know more about this tool, ask experts today.

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