Switching to Wireless Broadband Makes Your Business Greener


There are several benefits to going green besides saving the planet. By going the extra mile, your company could save millions of dollars each month by replacing some of your internal processes with equally effective online alternatives.This is all possible due to the rise of wireless broadband technology. As it continues to grow better each year, it also constantly opens up new possibilities for changing—and improving—the way we work.In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most compelling ways in which switching to wireless broadband-enabled processes can save you time, money, as well as save the planet.


Less Printing

A single office worker can use up nearly 10,000 sheets of paper in a year alone. Now, multiply that by the number of workers in the U.S., and the results is staggering. In fact, the U.S. consumes nearly 70 million trees for paper production every year, according to The Paperless Project.

Instead of printing out a document in order to send it over to a coworker or a client, why not e-mail it instead? At the same time, keeping all of your information in a digital format reduces the need to keep retyping several versions of the same file over and over again, since you can input the changes directly into the document. You can even automate certain programs to filter, tag, and send off e-mails according to parameters that you can customize. That saves you not just a lot of office space, but a lot of time you would’ve wasted manually organizing every file.

Less Commuting

According to statistics from Justin Horner of the Natural Resources Defense Council, IBM is able to save at least $2.9 billion in terms of reducing office space needs simply by allowing 40 percent of the company’s employees to telecommute. That number doesn’t include the additional millions of dollars that they company saves on reduced energy costs.

Put another way, if at least five million people were to telecommute at least two times per month, that could amount to savings of up to ten million barrels of oil every year – and that’s just for two days of telecommuting! Your company could stand to save even more than that by letting your employees telecommute a couple more times a month. Plus, since less oil is being consumed for getting to work, these efforts result in a decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, among other detrimental effects to the environment.

In Short: Increase Company Savings, Decrease Environmental Damage

The numbers we’ve laid out are compelling statistics—and we haven’t even touched upon the other countries in the world that are already transforming their workplaces into eco-friendly environments. With the added benefits of going green with wireless broadband, it would be a wise business decision to start making the same transition within your own company. Look into implementing online alternatives now so you can reap the same financial and environmental benefits as soon as possible. Mother Nature—and your budget—will thank you for it.

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