Top 4 Keys to Good Health

how to live a healthy lifestyle

Health is wealth or so the saying goes. It’s a saying that we all remember the moment we get sick and promptly forget when we recover. As children sicknesses and illnesses are part of the growing up process, a means of strengthening our own immunity. Children also have a resilience which helps them to recover from bouts of sicknesses.

Unfortunately, as adults we no longer have the same resilience. Being sick means a loss of productivity and can often be a symptom of a bigger underlying cause. The commitment towards good health becomes more important. Recognition of our health’s importance has grown over the years. Today, few of the leading franchise pharma company in india offers complete health solutions with preventive care as well as cure.

We all want to live healthy lifestyle. So This post will help you to know more information about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining fitness should be essential for all of us. Here are some keys to attaining and maintaining good health:

Be committed

Understand that this is a not a patchwork formula to be applied in bits and pieces when someone hits the alarm. Most of us think about our health only when we get sick and the doctors gives us a list of dos and don’ts. The moment we are off the emergency list, we fall off the bandwagon and go back to the very conditions that made us sick the first time! As we grow older, these bouts of sicknesses are harder for the body to bear. A frequently sick body or an unfit body is weak and slowly loses its capability to fight against diseases and the wear and tear of age.

This is why commitment to good health must be complete. This must be a lifestyle change, one that encompasses all parts of our life. It must be something we follow everyday as part of our natural day-to-day routine and not something to be followed only when the need arises or alarm is sounded.

Eating healthy

Our forefathers had the right idea when they said that the body is a temple which must be respected. It means we ensure that it is nourished and fed. We must commit to a healthy diet, eating a balanced meal everyday. This includes eating all the essential foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, a limed amount of carbohydrates and an even smaller amounts of fats and sugars. Remember, as we grow older our body is no longer growing or needs the reserves of energy that a child does.

You can also consult a nutritionist for your diet. A nutritionist will take into account your daily activity levels and recommend a diet accordingly. Sportspeople or people engaged in strenuous physical activity must naturally have a special diet. A specially charted diet from an expert is essential here. You can also try special supplements our body needs from Indian pharma franchises. In fact, we all know the basics of this and must consciously follow healthy eating habits. An occasional indulgence is fine, even recommended, but it should never become the norm.


Everyone needs regular exercise — from a small child to an old woman. It is important to fix some time everyday for an exercise schedule. The best way to do this is through an exercise plan. Carefully plan your exercise time, keeping your overall schedule in mind. This must be sacrosanct and you must commit to following through, even if you have to miss work. An occasional miss is perfectly fine, but it must never become a pattern.

It helps if you choose an exercise that you can actually enjoy doing, such as swimming, playing tennis, yoga, aerobics or even the exercise bike. If you find that committing to a schedule is the problem, engage a personal trainer who will ensure you stick to it.


With our hectic lifestyle, we often forget the importance of a good night’s sleep. This is when our body recovers and rejuvenates. Sleep is very important for our body because rest is the only way it can recharge. Ideally, we should have a good 6-7 hours of sleep. We must ensure that our bedroom is comfortable and there is no disturbance to ensure a peaceful environment.

These are just some key elements of good health. Many franchise pharma company in india today offer additional health supports like tonics and supplements that can help us maintain our commitment to good health.

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