15 Free UI Kits for App Designers to Design Top-Notch Mobile App

UI Kits for App Designers

In any software application, user interface or UI, in short, is the first point of attraction and interaction for the software users. Therefore, for the web and mobile applications, developers heavily relying on UI designers to hit their goals to grab immediate attention of app or website users.

For UI designers, designing UI is not a part of their graphics designing ability, but they need to push their boundaries further and think of UX, usability, performance, and even marketing aspects of software or application.

Therefore, UI design from scratch proves an arduous and time-consuming endeavor instead of fun. If you carefully check UI designing projects, you may short out some common traits, features, functionality, and UI elements used.

Moreover, the major app categories and industries/niches share many commonalities in the mobile app UI designs. Based on such facts, some smart UI designers have released UI kits, which are compatible with the major mobile OS platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Of course, UI designers have spent their valuable time and resources on it. Therefore, paid versions are natural. However, many have released freemium with some noble and some marketing intentions. Therefore, we have shorted out almost free versions of UI kits in the post.

We have taken the pain to write this post in order to ease the life of mobile app UI designers, developers, and many programmers with basic knowledge of designing. It is because these UI kits are an extensive collection of customize able UI screens and hundreds of UI elements for mobile app UI designing.

Of course, almost all are favoring retina-ready display considering trends in the market and focusing heavily on UX aspects of the app designing with minimalistic designing approaches.

#1. Fair Mobile UI Kit
Fair UI Kit is an all-in-one solution for mobile app designers and developers who opt to have functioning app prototypes with existing, modern, and versatile UI design elements.

It has some exclusive offerings that can tempt designers, developers, and programmers of all levels of expertise to meet their bespoke needs. For instance,

  • It offers 140+ mobile app screens ready to customize
  • 22+ sign up and login screen templates to choose for your app UI design
  • 13+ walkthrough screen collection to ease onboarding process
  • 25+ blogging screens/templates to make content marketing effective
  • 20+ ecommerce screens to showcase products and ease sells as well as payments for ecommerce shoppers of your ecommerce mobile applications
  • Fair Mobile UI Kit comes with various colors and color + images scheme to make right selection according to your taste and branding needs
  • 20+ multimedia niche supporting screens for media apps
  • 15+ social media templates to smooth social interactions for your app users
  • Finally, Fair Mobile UI Kit provides 100+ wonderful UI elements to style your mobile app as per needs

#2. AwesomeKit
Today mobile app designers are quite busy and costly to hire for the small to medium size app designing and development projects. In due course, AwesomeKit offers excellent mobile app prototyping tools and templates to go ahead without them or with the least help.

Besides these, many developers who want to cut their time on the prototyping efforts from scratch, love to use this kit for their convenience. Kit helps designers to close deals fast by producing a number of prototypes rapidly and with desired quality.

Kit includes 100+ UI design elements to help in prototyping with compatibility for most of third party app APIs and mobile OS platforms.

#3. Free Ecommerce UI Kit
WordPress is ruling the web by grabbing a lion share in PHP open source code. Among the various niches it serves, the share of ecommerce is significant. Therefore, designing UI for ecommerce websites and mobile apps are in high demand.

Free Ecommerce UI Kit helps designers and developers to do things speedy and accurately. The dark pink color schemes belong to this kit make an excellent appeal in the ecommerce apps and allows merchants to sell various products including fashion and designer items.

Advanced search screens with filters and facets make search easy and fast using various parameters for filtering including male-female products, brand tags, categories, product color, price range, and a lot more.

#4. Mobile Material UI Screens
We know what is potential of Material Design developed by Google & Co. for the web and Android platform. The Material Design concept had changed the scenario of Android app designing industry.

In due course, we cannot deny the significance of Mobile Material UI Screen kit to take mobile app design the next level. With this kit, you can enhance the usability of UI of your Android applications and get decent prototypes.

#5. Android Material Design
Android mobile platform has decent by default design capable of making Android app alluring and engaging. However, some tweaks using Google Material Design can make it awesome.

Therefore, creator of Android Material Design UI Kit has amplified Android system through desired tweaks in Material Design and carved ways for future design consideration for Google itself!

#6. Flat Mobile App UI
Based on the flat UI concept, designers had originally designed this UI kit for iOS apps for food industries. However, with customizable PSD, you can modify it for other industries required similar functions. It puts users in the front row and gives the best user experiences.

#7. Facebook Material Design
It is specially made for Facebook and by Facebook engineers and designers. Therefore, it can give excellent browsing experiences to keep users interested, engaged, and enlighten. Over the years, Facebook has graduated to a more concise design that is seemingly working well.

The designer of the UI kit has used material design and offered excellent user experiences based on the standard of Material design for Android devices.

#8. Instagram UI Material Design
Instagram is also owned by Facebook & Co. Therefore, it is natural that Facebook Material Design concept is implemented on its UI designing by default.

This UI kit is capable of offering enhanced Instagram experiences for your (Own) Instagram-like mobile apps.

#9. Sales App UI Kit
This kit is best for ecommerce apps prototypes particularly when a designer is going to integrate social media aspects with ecommerce aspects.

It lets you create exciting store apps with modern designing features and functionality. You can offer your app users the excellent user experiences, ease of use, and usability with the least efforts and without any cost.

#10. Check out Screen App
It is again for ecommerce apps for mobile users when a decent checkout procedure in demand. It offers to check out specific design features by following the latest trends. Moreover, it lets you see a preview of the product that user is going to buy.

#11. Invoices App Concept (PSD Freebie)
Invoice creation function is involved mostly in ecommerce app, B2B portal apps, and some online stuff selling applications. Therefore, offering exclusive invoice creation module is always a part of app development work.

Sometimes businesses need standalone invoice creation apps and this UI kit with free PSD files offer a good opportunity to create custom UI designing. You can incorporate your color schemes and design elements according to your requirements and taste.

#12. Lets Go Travel UI Kit
Tours and traveling businesses are brewing up so traveling related Android apps are rocking in the regional and global market. Moreover, GPS technologies have raised the significance of mobile application further.

It is true that traveling tastes are local and regional instead of the global target audience. Therefore, room for regionally popular traveling offers is more and increase the demands for more mobile apps.

Therefore, this UI kit is gaining traction and uses more in the market. It offers traveling businesses opportunities to customize travel management app according to bespoke needs of the end-users.

You can include features and functionality for various contextual information including flights, trains, hotels, and tourist places with regional tastes and preferences. If you smart enough, you can customize your travel app to make it next TripAdvisor app with some tweaks and techniques using this UI kit.

#13. IM – Chat Dashboard PSD
We have seen the popularity of Skype first, then WhatsApp and Slack as social media tools. If you carefully checked the beauty aspect of Instant messenger apps or say Chat apps, you may have noticed the obvious deficiencies in designs.

Therefore, this UI kit for Chat apps can make a difference for you to decide which design is better for you.

#14. Music App UI
Music apps are trendy, and people love to download music apps, which are meeting their criteria. Therefore, Music App UI Kit is an excellent choice for custom music apps for your targeted audience.

#15. Profile Screen
People love to share images and audios files, so Profile Screen UI kit help you to create desired functionality within the app rather that creating an independent UI for it or go for messenger app with vulnerability.

The free PSD is available with fully editable and organized into layers. Thus, developers can change colors easily and rapidly.

These UI kits are end results of hard work of many veteran UI designers with creative eyes. Therefore, mobile app developers cut time spending on UI development from scratch and get desired functionality using these UI kits for free of charge.

If you believe that first sight love for your apps is rewarding, try to catch and engage your audience with decent UI designed using these kits. If you want to have some inquiries regarding mobile UI designing or usage of these UI kits, consider UI designers at Perception System as your friends and feel free to ask any question.

Tarang Vyas is a head of mobile development team at Perception System, the leading Android App Development Company. He has been in the industry for 15 years.

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