7 Tips to Select the Perfect Yoga Mat

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Yoga is increasingly becoming a popular form of a physical workout and daily lifestyle choice for many people around the world.  It is true that Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime but one thing that you will definitely need to perform most of the Yoga postures is a Yoga Mat. Yoga mats manufacturers are providing many varieties, designs, styles and qualities of yoga mats in the market, but selecting the right one is very important. The following are 7 tips to select the perfect yoga mat:

  1. Thickness

Selecting the right thickness is the first tip to get a good yoga mat.  You must not opt for an extra thin yoga mat as these mats make it difficult for you to perform your Yoga poses comfortably.At the same time, it shouldn’t be too thick as thick ones are difficult to fold and carry around.  Opt for one within the 1/8 inch range.

  1. Material

The second thing to keep in mind is the material. The best option out there is the yoga mat made of PVC but those who like more earthy materials can go for jute yoga mats or those made of cotton.

  1. Texture

The texture of the yoga mat is also highly important to do the postures right. Stick with PVC mats if you need something soft and slightly sticky.

  1. Stickiness

Another thing which must be kept in mind while purchasing a yoga mat is its stickiness.  A sticky yoga mat prevents you from sliding and for this reason; those made out of PVC material work the best.

  1. Eco-friendliness

Some people are very particular about eco-friendliness of the products they use. While buying a yoga mat too, one must make it a point that the material is Eco-friendly.  Earth friendly yoga mats are those that are made using natural rubber.  You can also go for those that are made using cotton or jute.

  1. Price range

Another important factor which might be instrumental in the choice of the yoga mat is the price range. Always consider the price before you end up at the cash counter.  Generally, a PVC yoga mat is a priced moderately as compared to eco-friendly ones. So make your choice carefully.

  1. Style

Now that you have narrowed down on the yoga mats that you like, the next step is to consider the style.  Make sure you buy a color that lifts your mood and gets you in the mood of doing some Yoga!

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