A Glimpse Of Android Developers In India

Android App Developers

In the year 2006, Mobile app development was not even known to software developers or software development companies. And as Android was born, people with multimedia background were given an opportunity to try their hands on software coding. In early 2010, the need for android development arose to huge heights with Samsung devices expanding on the mobile front and there was a huge crunch for developers in android.

Android App Developers

The Indian workforce is known to pick required skills at a faster pace in accordance to the demand. When the demand went higher, many software professionals in India took up android development as a means to increase their earning potential. While employers have a big role in helping pick up relevant skills and gain knowledge accordingly, it’s up to an individual to choose his interest and requirement.

The Indian software development community is noted for giving back to the community through different initiatives. Several android development community groups and android upgradation facts groups are very active and have been a great boon to budding as well as experienced android developers India.

It is also a known fact that Indian software professionals have been focussing on following Android best practices and making a much better developed apps. Mobile devices and embedded devices need more processing power at the same time energy consumption should be less in order to save battery power and run the device for longer periods of time.

When Google released an open source platform named Android for mobile devices, Android users look out for a new power management framework to save power in their mobile devices. Indian software professionals were experts in Java and Android development took a new turn with android developers with hands on experience in Java applications built low power embedded devices. The apps for the devices were built in android with Java libraries inserted as and when required.

The Java class libraries were made to reduce device consume time and this indirectly showed on the device working. When the built apps using Android JAVA performance were compared with the popular Sun embedded JVM running on top of Angstrom Linux, there showed a preferred difference for using Android apps. Android developers in India have made more energy efficient apps by improving performance of JAVA applications embedded into android platform.

Indian software developers are also involved in research based apps development in android to create an approach that helps developers of Android apps to be better prepared for Android platform updates as well as the updates from third-party libraries that can potentially or inadvertently impact app development with breaking changes and software fixes.

It is believed supposedly that the proposed approach will help Android developers not only to deal with platform and library updates, but also use and increase the user base by avoiding many potential API related fixes. The android market is here to stay and Indian software developers especially android experienced professionals are on their heels and it is seen that they are open for the future.




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