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Cannabidiol refers to a class of compounds found in the plant Cannabis Sativa.It interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and helps in maintaining homeostasis. It is being studied as a possible treatment for schizophrenia symptoms, anxiety and pain. This naturally occurring substance has gained massive popularity in recent years for its potential health benefits.

CBD products for animals are non-psychoactive, No THC and don’t make your pet high. CBD has been found to be useful in therapies for cancer, seizures, anxiety, and arthritis and pain management. Although the benefits claimed are still being researched, there are varying levels of evidence available.

CBD for pets

How is CBD given to animals?

CBD pet care products are available in numerous forms including capsules, chewable treats and also oils. Balms and topical creams can be rubbed on the skin directly. Oils can be placed under the tongue. Each product is meant to have a specific effect on the body.

The working mechanism of CBD in animals

Researchers are still puzzled about how it works in the body of pets. Dogs do have an endocannabinoid system just like humans. However, the way it interacts with the system in dogs is still unclear.

Health benefits of giving CBD to pets

Many pet owners have reported tremendous improvement in their pet’s health upon administering its controlled doses to their pets. To reap maximum health benefits, it is essential to use products made under stringent quality standards. holistapet offers solutions to the following pet issues:


Cannabidiol shares metabolic pathways with drugs that help in treating inflammation. This hints that it can prove to be beneficial in animals with arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions observed in dogs.

One out of every four dogs is diagnosed with this condition in their lifetime. There is some research data available that hints that it can promise substantial relief to such pets, if given in appropriate doses.


Its anti-inflammatory benefit can also be beneficial in treating intervertebral disc disease in dogs. Preliminary studies have shown that a combination of THC and CBD provide substantial pain relief. However, there is no solid evidence about the effect of THC on dogs.


A lot of research has been done on studying its effect in controlling seizures. However, limited information is available about the role it plays in controlling seizures in dogs. There is little evidence available about it being beneficial in reducing the frequency in the case of idiopathic epilepsy. To know if it really helps in the long-run, you can refer to this article:


CBD has been studied for use in cancer patients for treating tumors as well as secondary symptoms observed during chemotherapy. Dogs undergoing chemotherapy may benefit from its treatment. Preliminary studies have established it that can have an anti-tumor effect thereby stopping cancerous cells from multiplying.


If your pet demonstrates a destructive behavior or is overly restless whenever you leave them alone, then the chances are quite high that they are suffering from anxiety. It can help ease their anxiety and they will be calmer whenever you are not around.

It also helps in lowering anxiety associated with noise phobias. This can be great for dogs who are scared of fireworks and thunderstorms.

Is it safe for animals?

CBD, in its pure form, has been found to be safe for animals. As per a report published by the World Health Organization in 2017, it has been highlighted based on evidence gathered from various sources that animals tolerate the related products well.

As CBD is believed to be metabolized by the liver, giving it to animals with liver issues is not recommended by experts. This is because there is no clear information available about the mechanisms and interactions. It cannot be denied that it promises certain health benefits that can be read here. However, care needs to be exercised by pet owners.

In summary

The major studies that have been done as of now are on small animals. CBD is not a magical cure for the problems of pet owners. It is just being used as an alternative treatment despite a lack of research evidence.

One of the easiest ways to administer it to your pet is in the form of oils. Its treats can also be a great option. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers carefully before administering CBD to your beloved pet.

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