Android Developers and Artificial Intelligence is Way to Success

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Apps/websites built by android developers India recently has voice-controlled assistant. These bots are proliferating and opening them to third-party app makers is a way to success for few businesses. Artificial intelligence is the new UI- this is outdated statement now. But back in 2011, when iOS released Siri for the first time, artificial intelligence was the trendsetter. Although, Siri was not as smart bot as HAL in the Hollywood movie -2001: A Space Odyssey or Eddy, but it got success in putting impact on consumer technology to make a stream of similar artificial intelligence based bots.

Siri inspired many giants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Even Samsung’s Bixby is also joining the line soon.

#1. Alexa

Amazon has been successful in driving Alexa adoption. It is a third party product. The company initially made its Alexa Skills kit available to android developers in June 2015 and after six months, more than 130 skills was readily available. Since then, the Alexa skills development has received new enhancements. By September 2016, more than 3000 skills were available, and in Feb 2017, company made announcement for reaching the 10,000 mark of the skills. This means more than 10,000 applications apply Alexa as their user interface.

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) was launched by company in 2015. This service allows manufacturers to create Alexa into associated products that use a speaker and microphone.

#2. Siri

Even if the Apple came first in this wave of intelligent assistants, the company has been late to provide Siri as a UI to third-party applications. It is only with the release of Sirikit and iOS 10 that brought possibility for developers to create software that can be regulated by Siri. However, such possibilities are severely limited as compared to the offerings provided by Alexa Skills kit.

Sirikit can be used to develop apps in specific set of domains with certain intents. Take an instance of a messenger app that can register to support the messages domain and use for sending a message. Siri then manages all the user interaction. Along with messaging, apps can be designed that support the domains – photo search, ride booking, VoIP calling, payments, workouts, and regulating the climate controls and radio settings in CarPlay apps.

#3. Cortana

Cortana is the product of Microsoft. It is different from Siri or Alexa since it is a multiplatform intelligent assistant. The company initially commenced this project on Microsoft’s mobile platform and today, android and iOS developers and Windows professionals are using it. The motive behind making Cortana unbound is to tie the app to the user instead of any one platform or device.

This product of Microsoft will also work on the IoT core edition of Windows 10. It brings possibility of IoT devices that can be regulated with Cortana as Ui.

#4. Assistant

Google is leading with its new product Assistant, which was first released in May 2016 for Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Now, the software is ready for a wider release for all devices having Nougat operating system.

It still seems impossible that intelligent assistants use will replace the mouse and keyboard for desktop apps in the future. However, for mobile applications running on smartphones and devices and screen less gadgets, android developers India see intelligent assistant as a perfect technology.

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