Benefits and Uses Of Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite clay is soft and natural clay. It comes with multiple significant benefits and turns out to be a soft paste when mixed with water. People apply it for cosmetic and medical benefits, which help treat acne and rashes, whereas some use it as a hair mask. However, people aiming to remove oils and toxins from their bodies for years opted to use this bentonite clay exclusively purchased from the bentonite exporters India.

Occurrence Of Bentonite Clay

Furthermore, bentonite clay exists in various skin products, but some people prefer to add them in drinks or foods to ease digestive problems or detach toxins from the body. Therefore, much research and studies have been done to look after the bentonite clay’s health beneficial.

However, most of the research is conducted in cell models or animals. More research must be done before scientists discover the benefits and risks of using bentonite clay by humans. Here in this article, all the potent benefits of bentonite clay products are briefly explained. Let’s explore down below!

The Working Principles Of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is produced from volcanic ash, and according to scientists, bentonite clay works by abstaining oil and dirt from the skin. The matter is that bentonite clay abstains from a substance by adhering to its ions or molecules. And when the clay leaves the body, it takes the molecules or other toxins with it. When an individual applies it to the skin, bentonite clay may be potent enough to adsorb bacteria and oils. When they ingest the clay, it may absorb unwanted materials and toxins from the digestive tract.

However, attaining bentonite clay from the bentonite exporters India, which possesses high-rated clay, provides additional benefits like magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Here are some of the compelling benefits of bentonite clay are revealed by some of the research.

  • To remove the toxins from the body:

Some individuals consume bentonite clay intending to remove the toxins from their bodies. Many studies have proven to be one of these practical benefits. Multiple studies suggest that bentonite clay products may alleviate the effects of toxins. To experience the practical benefits of bentonite clay, use it at least 2 hours after or before taking any other medicines. And use only one tsp of bentonite clay with water per day. However, more study needs to be conducted that is safe for humans to use or not.

  • To treat acne and oily skin:

Bentonite clay’s adsorptive power may help to treat oily skin and acne breakouts. The clay can assist in removing oil or sebum from the skin’s surface, and it may also have a soothing effect on swollen breakouts. Therefore, a bentonite clay face mask can help remove skin impurities to reduce pimples’ risk and treat skin infections and acne.

  • To treat poison ivy rashes:

Many individuals are prone to urushiol; it is the oil that poison ivy plants generate. When a person’s skin comes in contact with poison ivy, they may be affected by allergic reactions and rashes. Poison ivy can lead to irritation, severe itching, and redness. Therefore, the individual must clean the ivy poison’s affected area with clean water, remove the oil, mix bentonite clay with water, and apply the paste in the affected spot.

  • Promoting weight loss:

Bentonite clay is proved to be a valuable supplement for individuals who are attempting to lose weight. One Rat trusted source study discovered that swallowing a bentonite clay will help alleviate weight gain for those who eat a high-fat diet. However, some standard healing techniques have utilized clay items for many years; these are the optimal way to lose weight efficiently.

  • Easing up constipation:

Bentonite clay can endure toxins, so ultimately, it is helpful to regulate an individual’s digestive tract.

Some trusted sources have discovered that bentonite clay may help individuals with lousy bowel syndrome with constipation. Multiple research showed that bentonite clay usage has an exclusive advantage that is promising.

  • Offers sun protection:

The bentonite cream as a sunscreen formula has legitimately been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) department. Therefore, one trusted source suggests that bentonite clay can shield the skin from dangerous UV (ultraviolet) rays. For this reason, people prefer using FDA-approved sunscreen creams.

  • Remove lead and other heavy metals:

Extreme exposure to heavy metals like lead can lead to health problems. Especially children are susceptible to lead, giving rise to learning disabilities and other problems. To prevent this poisoning cause, you can often avoid exposure and get tested for lead exposure are the ideal way. The other way is bentonite clay, which is helpful to remove a certain amount of lead from the body. The negative charge present in the Bentonite clay can bind to positively charged metals, i.e., lead in the body. Also, if the doctor approves it for children, use ½ teaspoon of it and mix well with water

  • To treat diarrhea:

Some study recommends that adsorptive clays like bentonite may be helpful to reduce the virus-related digestive problem, like diarrhea. For instance, users may suffer from severe diarrhea if it is caused by rotavirus and it spreads fastly from individual to individual. To benefit from the bentonite clay, use 1 tsp with water, not more than once a day; it will be adequate to tackle virus-related mild diarrhea. Even after the treatment with bentonite clay, diarrhea persists; approach other methods and contact your doctor.

  • Lowering of cholesterol:

A high level of cholesterol level in the body will lead to cardiac disease. High cholesterol promotes fatty acids to escalate in the blood vessels, leading to stroke and cardiac attack. Rats trusted study source discovered that bentonite clay could enhance the amount of cholesterol discharged in their stool. However, it is suggested to check with the doctor before starting the treatment with bentonite clay.


From the above discussion, it is proved that bentonite clay is an ancient and effective treatment that promises a cure for multiple health conditions. But the thing to keep in mind is initially to choose an ideal bentonite exporters in India to attain a top-quality clay product. Secondly, consult the doctor and ask about the proper usage and amounts before starting the treatment with bentonite clay.

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