Data Integration with Hadoop – For Effective Data Combining

With changing time we are moving towards more modern and technically sound world. New technologies are being developed all over the world and if software gets success there is hoard of other similar software which comes in the market. We all use software in our daily lives knowing or unknowingly.

As technology has been part and parcel of our live new developments and discoveries are made all over the world to better the resources which are present with us. Basic software are launched in the market which can really decrease the work load of ours, we all uses computers and software like MS word, excel, paint etc. have made our work life very easy.

Similarly many complicated and complex software are present in the market which we have never heard of but they are also useful.

What Is Hadoop?

Hadoop was initially launched in the year 2011 as a trial and finally it came in the market in 2016. It is open source software which is developed with a basic assumption that hardware failures are bound to happen and the framework of the software should be capable enough to rectify the problem. Hadoop basic feature is storing capability which is called as Hadoop distributed file system.

What Is Data Integration?

Data integration can be defined as a combination of technical business procedures. Data integration helps in giving trustworthy data from various sources. Data integration becomes much more needful when two companies make partnership and they need to merge their database. It is very useful as it low the work load and enable the user to work in a more efficient manner.

What Is The Need of Hadoop Data Integration?

With increase of popularity of Hadoop many companies have started to integrate their database with Hadoop. For many organization data integration with Hadoop remained to be very expensive as they to have a proper setup. But as the technology grew it now can be used without any costly setup with help of cloud service.

As data integration with Hadoop is now available with cloud service it should be done effectively and efficiently because getting data from an open source is quite challenging. Any certified developer and user of Hadoop can easily develop a program without even writing codes and commands can integrate the data. Most of big organizations are looking for Hadoop professional so that they can take care of their big data analytical work.

You cannot be benefited with Hadoop without recognizing the actual need. You should have some knowledge of Hadoop before using of hiring someone else as it might get tough for you to understand how it works and ends up paying more professional charges then required. If you are using Hadoop for the first time then it is highly recommended that you should concentrate on a single task rather than transferring all the data. Keep the bigger concept in mind and start with a smaller challenge. Concentration on a single data transfer can lead you to idea of using Hadoop in a more effective manner and from there onward you can do data integration with Hadoop.


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About the Author: Vijay Aegis

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