What Features MS CRM Brings for Developers?

MS CRM development

Developers can avail a single development environment for on premises and cloud-based deployments from MS CRM development and Microsoft Dynamics 365. They can rapidly create, package, and distribute CRM extensions.

Latest updates in CRM online are:

  • Features of CRM online are now available for on-premises organizations

New updates and features that were introduced in MS Dynamics CRM online 2015 update 1 are now available for on-premises organizations.

The Web API makes the job of application development across different platforms, programming languages, and devices easier. Developers can enjoy parity with the existing organization service using this Web API update.

CORS Support

The Web API supports client-side cross-origin web resource requests, which is accomplished by CORS.

  • CRM for tablets and phones enhancements

Web resources and IFRAMEs- developers can now enjoy development of web resources and IFRAMEs with CRM for tablets and mobiles.

  • Form script support for new custom controls

Developers can now try their hands on new controls to configure a visually modern and richer experience for CRM users having tablets and mobiles.

  • Open records in CRM mobile client with a URL

Developers can now use URLs with the new app handler protocol to directly open records in CRM for tablets and phones.

Knowledge management edit and search options

New Publish Knowledge articles and Approve Knowledge Articles are the new privileges added to support knowledge management capability.

Developers are able to upload and manage document templates

Developers are allowed to create document templates for MS Excel or MS Word. These templates can be are further used by the team mates to prepare Excel or Word Documents with updated CRM data for reporting and analysis purposes.

XRM tooling controls support OAuth authentication and connection strings

XRM is the primary interface to CRM that is used for all tooling and USD operations. With this updated API, developers are allowed to use OAuth 2 protocol to authenticate with CRM web services.

Developers can also write mobile and modern apps and connect them to CRM web services, execute custom business logic, and access data of the organization.

They can also write apps and server extensions

This article shares great facts about the latest MS Dynamics CRM 2016 updates. Developers across the world can read them through and use them to make best practices for MS CRM development.

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