Amazing Tips To Get Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

Get Instagram Followers Without Spending Money

The people who are Instagram are familiar with this and are always willing to increase the followers for various reasons which will depend on the person using it. But for the people who are new to this application would first know what Instagram is.

Instagram is a social networking platform where pictures, videos, and messages can be sent for free. It is used widely by various categories of people which range from school going children to youth to elder people. With the invention and evolution of computers and the internet people are always online for various reasons.

It is nowadays very important to have as many people as possible connected with you because hardly anyone is there who is not using social networking sites and one such platform is Instagram.

Tips to get free Instagram followers

In present times a lot of business uses Instagram as a platform to launch their products but merely being on Instagram is not enough you need to be active and for this, it is very important that people in a large number follows you and this counting does not stop.

The followers should keep ongoing. So here, I come up with tips that will help you in getting free Instagram followers from Getnsta. Just follow them and see the results.

Instagram Search Engine Optimization

For any user, it is very important to optimize their profiles so that the person who is viewing you can know just by having look at your profile who are you or what kind of personality you possess, what are your likings and what you don’t like. This will give an idea to the person who is viewing your website whether he should follow you or not. As there is a famous saying that the first impression is the last impression so you need to make your profile such that it attracts people easily. You need to use keywords that make your account easy to find.

Mini blog

If you want to get free Instagram followers, then you can try out mini blog. If you design a post then you need to post the keywords that best reflect the post. When people read the content in the post they get an idea that a person is really serious and we should follow him or her. Use hashtags.


Nowadays the symbol hashtag (#) has become famous. Most people use hashtags so as to gain the attention of his or her friends and followers to a certain post which the person wants to highlight and want everyone to see. But you cannot use the hashtag for each and everything. You need to be very careful about using it. It has to suit or fit the post. Even use the unique keywords which do not allow your post to get disappear.

Rotating hashtag

It is very important to use new keywords because when you keep on using the same keyword the hashtag does not work as Instagram feels that you are spamming and thus the hashtag does not work. On top of this repeating, the keywords do not attract followers.

Community engagement

We should always reply to all the comments and comment on our post on a regular basis. Plus you also need to comment on the posts of people who have recently posted something and have fewer followers when you do so they will in return check out your profile and if as they will follow you.

Drive traffic

Drive traffic is an act of shifting followers from one platform to another. This is generally used by YouTubers. They request their viewers or subscribers to follow them to Instagram by providing the URL link of their account. By chance if any one of the platforms gets shut you will always have the other where you can share your videos.If you want to get free Instagram followers, try this strategy.

Describe your picture

Whenever you post a picture do give a description of it as it allows the person who is looking at the picture understand it in a much better way. Though there is a well-known saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But still we prefer you to provide details or a short description of the picture for easy understanding.

Instagram stories

You can increase Instagram followers by posting Instagram stories about the most wonderful moments of either an image/images or video. This can further help in increasing followers day by day if people like your stories which will make other people enthusiastic to know about you more. Users should use the trending IG stories with nice captions and most importantly hashtag which make the story look attractive and thus will help in getting more followers by viewing it.

Be regular

If you want to increase your followers then it is suggestive that you should be regular in posting. Apart from this as discussed earlier need to reply to all the comments.

Request your friends to tag their friends so that people come to know about your profile.

Scheduling a post in advance

In order to increase followers on Instagram you need to schedule a post in advance which makes the followers anxious and thus tells their friends about it if they find it interesting and important and thus more people follow you.

Nowadays it is very important to stand out from the crowd so it is very important that your post is different from others.

In order to get free real followers it is very important to know the interest of the people so post only that people want something which is in trend.


So these are the ways by which you can get free but for real followers on Instagram. Although there are other ways also but they would not be real. By using the tips that I have provided you will lead to real followers.

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