Help! I’m Missing Some Teeth

When you’ve lost teeth over time or all of a sudden, your life is immediately impacted. It’s not fun and you wouldn’t wish it on your own enemy, but don’t worry! Before you panic, let me tell you about the fix known as dental implants Harley Street. Whether you’ve been injured or lost your teeth over time due to decay, old age or other gum diseases, it does not have to be the end of your day. In today’s age, there is a lot of importance placed on those first impressions, and what do you notice first? The smile! The smile conveys a thousand words with one action, so it is no wonder that you feel lost without your teeth. You don’t have to feel so helpless anymore.

The implant process

If you’re blunt about it, the term ‘implant’ can be a little intimidating to even the bravest of people, but you’re not alone in your fear. Thousands of people across the UK, however, have found their happiness with this treatment and did not let that initial fear take away their chances of a full, bright smile! If you understand the process more, it is not that scary.

The implants are titanium screws that are installed into your jaw and fixed into place. The practitioner in your dental clinic will make sure they’re secure, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out or glueing them back in during a meal or important meeting. The implant will act like the new root, so once the artificial tooth is placed on top, it won’t be going anywhere, either. There will be some healing time before the fake tooth is placed, so you don’t have to worry about putting pain upon pain! Just like that, you have completely functional teeth that look completely real

The benefits

If the quick and easy process isn’t enough to get rid of your initial fears, then the benefits absolutely will. When you lose teeth, you have to make changes to your life. This means you can’t eat some of your favourite foods for fear of damaging your gums or the inability to chew them. It’s likely that you also smile a lot less, which is heartbreaking in itself. You should be able to smile when you’re happy, meeting new people, or just because you want to. The artificial teeth give you that power back!

The power comes in the form of complete anonymity. That might sound a little mysterious, but it just means that no one will know you have the implants unless you want them to. They’re made to look exactly like your real teeth, right down to the shading matching the teeth next to it. On top of that, they’ll work exactly like your original teeth, too! No more changing your diet or missing out on your favourite foods. Just be sure to take care of your artificial teeth as if they were real!

You can get this treatment even if you’ve lost multiple teeth! There is an option for you no matter the reason you lost your teeth or how many you lost, so don’t be shy about contacting your dentist about this treatment!

Finally, your artificial teeth will offer support to the remaining healthy teeth that surround it, stimulating new growth and even improving the way you speak.

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