How Rewarded Video Ads are becoming inseparable from Gaming Apps

Imagine you are shopping and run out of cash. But you want to shop more. Then all of a sudden, someone comes and tells you that he will give you credit money if you visit his art gallery next door and take a look at his paintings.

How wonderful life would be if that happens for real? Something (nearly) impossible in real life is already a rage in the world of business. Rewarded videos strategy is surely gaining momentum (120% rise as compared to 2015).

Introduced in 2014, rewarded video ads have now become an indispensable part of almost every gaming app. Rewarded video ads are the reason why games like Clash of Clans and CrossyRoads profited in millions. Currently, 60% of the marketing experts and advertisers around the world are using rewarded video ads as a strategy to make their products favorite among users.

Let’s find out why rewarded video ads are being talked about in the world of gaming and in the world of marketing.

Ad world Freemiums

This advertisement format is very cost effective. Freemium offers free gifts and rewards for the game beginners and a charge a minimal fee later (micropay as it is called). This strategy markets the advertiser’s product and the game, both. The psychology behind it is to build an initial trust among the users. Once a relationship is established, the users won’t hesitate to pay a minimal fee to continue the game further.

In fact, gamers who micropay are more benefitted with rewards than non-paying gamers.

App Annie’s recent survey had determined that 20% of the advertisers are using this format as a conversion tool and find it completely reliable.

Nonintrusive ad placement:

The marketing community and advertisers are extremely happy with this format. The ads don’t pop up during the game and the ad-blockers don’t work on them. Hence, it is a bonus point for the gamer as well as the advertiser. The gamer won’t be interrupted and the ad gives a replenishing break (P.S.: There is a hidden reward at the end of the ad). The ads are cleverly placed between the switch between two levels.

Offers bonus to the users

A great way to motivate a gamer for the next round. Wasn’t this strategy perfectly used by Rovio’s Angry Birds 2? It generated almost twice the revenue that the first game had brought to their table. In return, the publisher gets high eCPM returns.

When a gamer can’t get through a level, place a rewarded ad. It surely reciprocates as a power pop for the user. Offer virtual currency, credit gifts, energy boost or role change on watching the ad.

Here’s another observation. Do you remember how Tap Titans has multiple bonuses when the player destroys the opponent or damages the rival’s property? Gamers get rewards to play the game! Impressive, right? The strongest point here is that the ads and the game receive free word-of-mouth publicity.

Shortened load time

HD videos with Instant Play access run on selective small bandwidth. Hence, the streaming time of the ad is largely reduced. This is a major element why a user will continue to watch the ad and not block it. Also, the length of the ad matters here. Anything more than 30 seconds and it hits hard on the user experience.

Innovation is creation

Tired of eating an omelette for breakfast every day? I know. Me too. We all want to experience something new. So take a look at Carl (The Family Guy fame), a character that brings to you rewarded ads.

Give the control to your user

Not all gamers spend $10 to buy life and continue playing (80% of them don’t). So, give your users the control. Offer them a range of options.

Also, give them options regarding the ways to choose the replenishing mode. For example, Candy Crush players know that they can earn a new life by referring the game to their friend or borrowing a life from a friend on FaceBook or waiting for 45 minutes (if one can resist).

Special mention:

Brownie points for the developer:

A gaming app with rewarded videos is likely to be picked up 50% more than non-rewarded video. Yes, I know that many major gaming apps don’t have rewarded videos (Most of them belong to major developing houses who profit in million just because of the game downloads). Rewarded video ads are a high-stepping ladder for new developers and small set-ups.

Final word: The purpose of every marketing and advertising medium is to monetize his product in the best possible way. The most reliable format in this arena is rewarded video ads, which benefit the advertiser and the user equally. Optimize your marketing and advertising tools using rewarded video ad format and make the most of it.

Jennifer Warren is a content maven associated with, a USA-based research and review platform for app development companies. She has been helping many small companies establish. She has more than 3 years of experience in extensive project research and has been associated with many websites. She is mainly focused on finding more ways to embed technology into daily life to make it more resourceful.

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