iOS 12.1 isn’t really a can of worms!

iOS 12.1 new features

Apple’s new OS, IOS 12 and IOS 12.1 have many new features added, which seems to be an upgraded version. Now Apple has announced a lot about this new version. iOS app development company is considering this new edition to be one of the best ones till now. If we specifically talk about iOS 12.1 update, it is doing what it is expected to do. Which is, making iOS 12 look all the better. iPhones have undoubtedly got plenty of useful additions with this new iOS 12. However, there have been some noteworthy, yet smaller features as well.

iOS 12.1 came up just now. If you haven’t upgraded your iPhone yet, then please update it no by going to the Settings section of your iPhone. However, if you have auto update on, then the update will be installed automatically during the night (We hope you are aware of this mind-blowing feature of iOS!). Though, if you wish to make use of the latest features first, then you might have to become a smart public beta tester!

What’s so cool about iOS 12 and 12.1?

If we talk specifically about the iOS 12.1 release, it certainly hopes to bring many new features. These new features include things like tons of new emoji, Group FaceTime, and the much awaited, eSIM support. Now, if we talk about the major changes between iOS 12 and the new iOS 12.1, then apart from fixing bugs, the addition of the new features is going to be the only difference.

If we drill down to the main elements of iOS 12 and 12/1 which make it superior to its old versions, you will find a lot. Increasing speed improves performance. Also, the interesting combination of iOS 12.1 with the hottest Apple handsets, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as well as iPhone XR.

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Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime is one of the most talked about feature of iOS 12.1. This fantastic new addition to the already wonderful FaceTime features has made the experience of enjoying Facetime a lot more fun. At the same time, it has even made it possible to autodetect active speakers. Starting from allowing, a group of people to enjoy video calls together to the detection of active speakers, there is a lot that iOS 12.1 has for the FaceTime lovers! Also, features like a ringless notification when calling more than one person is one of the other noteworthy additions in the list of FaceTime features.

eSIM support

eSIM support is one of the other useful features added in iOS 12.1. eSIM functionality is specially made for new sets like iPhone, XS, XS Max, and XR. This feature is now active in the beta version of iOS 12.1. However, this new feature needs the support of the network provider as well.

iOS 12.1 better than Android Pie?

Now, when it comes to the constant race between iOS and Android, many people would surely like to compare iOS 12.1 with Android Pie. Here, we would like to say that Apple has done everything possible to make sure that the OS is as competitive as Pie. Also, it is strong enough to handle the massive launch of Google Pixel 3.

iOS 12.1 brimmed with some best iPhone features. Some people are reporting a few problems with iOS 12.1. But till now, the positives are heavily overpowering the negatives of iOS 12.1!

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