Is DevOps a cost-effective technique as per the stakeholders?


DevOps is all about incorporating the CI/CD pipelines in each and every stage of a software delivery process. The main motive of DevOps is to make sure that the software development and delivery process is streamlined. Also, the testing and the improvements are done on a regular basis. At the same time, DevOps makes it possible to trace the incremental operations and changes happening in the software development process as well. This fantastic combination of development and operations gives a direction to the software delivery process. At the same time, it also eradicates the need to wait for long to solve the problems. As, automatically, when the two main teams of the software delivery process work in sync with each other, the chances of the success of the software amplify!

Here’s how DevOps helps to save cost:

DevOps was introduced to streamline the software development process. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that DevOps leads to the success of the KPIs. Listed below are a few ways through which DevOps can help to reduce the cost burden:

Devops Reduces The Opportunity Cost

DevOps leads to constant innovation, which further lessens the opportunity cost for a business.  A company is able to invest more time on devising innovative ways and letting their clients know. This is a great way to build stronger relations with the client. At the same time, companies can even reach out to newer clients with the latest innovations. Thus, you will automatically get a chance to grow your business, and save the marketing or sales cost to some extend if you have adopted DevOps.

Enhanced Quality Of Product, Better Revenue Generation

DevOps is generally linked to the boosted speed of modifications. The principles and practices involved in the DevOps process eventually help to improve the quality of the product. As, at the end of the day, if the software development process is streamlined, the chances of errors automatically reduce. Also, DevOps involves a series of automated testing, and therefore the products which are developed are of the best possible quality. Hence, DevOps consulting services has a key role to play when it comes to improving the quality of the product.

Collaboration Between The Teams Lead To Lesser Scope Of Misunderstanding

DevOps enhances the communication and collaboration between the teams. Therefore, different people working on different areas of the software development process are able to communicate more freely. This,in turn reduces the possibility of any miscommunication. Therefore, the chances of rework and lags also reduce. And, eventually, all this helps to save the cost on reworking.

Continuous Feedback Loops

DevOps also ensures that the feedback is taken and worked upon on a constant basis. Thus, throughout the software delivery process, several steps are taken in order to gain useful feedback about the software development. This, eventually helps to work on the feedback and thus, improve the quality of the product developed. Therefore, companies do not have to spend a lot of money separately in order to gain feedback or insights about the software development process.

DevOps is a fantastic technique and it is definitely boon for the engineers and businesses worldwide. DevOps not only helps to reduce the cost, but it also helps to increase the efficiency through continuous collaboration. As a result, the product which is developed is of the highest possible quality. And, automatically, the return on investment is higher if DevOps is adopted. But, at the same time, it is also very important to do proper planning before implementing and adopting DevOps. Also, infrastructure management system and security are two of the key areas to focus before adopting DevOps.

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