Know The Multiple Advantages And Importance Of FRP Gratings

FRP gratings

Fibre Reinforced Plastic or FRP Grating is a composite material made by blending the matrix of fibreglass and resin. There are two types of FRP gratings, namely moulded FRP gratings and pultruded FRP grating. FRP gratings have a number of applications such as overhead walkways, ladders, handrails, guardrails, platforms, stairways, machine housings and protective shielding. FRP gratings are commonly used in industrial environments and offshore installations.

There are many advantages associated with FRP gratings. Some of them have been discussed here.

  1. Superior Strength to Weight Ratio

Weight of FRP Grating is 1/4th of steel and 2/3rd of aluminium while specific gravity is 1.8. Light weight makes it easy to carry and install which not only increases the speed of construction but also reduces the labour costs. There is no compromise in strength because FRP has high strength to weight ratio which makes it capable of withstanding even vehicle load.

  1. Low maintenance

FRP grating is highly resistant against rotting and corrosion and maintains structural integrity efficiently. It is also very durable. Thus, there is no need for sandblasting, scraping, painting and other maintenance operations. Simple washing using a pressure washer is sufficient for FRP grating. The negligible need for maintenance is a major advantage.

  1. Long life

FRP grating withstands weathering, degradation and aging effectively. It also tolerates harsh environment well. Thus, FRP grating has a long service life even in installations having harsh environments such as chemical factories. Long service life means there is no need to replace FRP gratings for very long periods of time. Cost of removing, disposing and replacing damaged or corroded steel gratings is eliminated if steel is replaced with FRP.

  1. Slip Resistance and Non-Conduction

FRP grating has a high friction factor which prevents it from becoming slippery even when oil or any other liquid falls on it. Thus, it is much better than steel especially in wet environments. Slip resistance increases the safety factor for workers by preventing accidents due to slipping. FRP grating does not conduct electricity and has very low thermal conductivity. Thus, there is no danger of electricity developing inside FRP grating and posing a danger to the workers. Low thermal conductivity ensures that it never becomes very hot.

  1. Fire Resistance

FRP grating has a flame spread of 25 or less which makes it suitable for explosive and inflammable environments. This is a beneficial feature because the inferno would not spread through FRP gratings during fire mishap.

  1. Easy to install

FRP grating is light in weight which makes it easy to install since no lifting equipment is required for the same. In fact, the total weight of the structural support is reduced by using FRP gratings which make the task much easier.

  1. Easy to Work

FRP grating has high elasticity. High elasticity makes it more comfortable platform to stand and work because less fatigue is generated in the legs and back.

  1. Economical

The initial cost of FRP grating is higher than steel. But its low maintenance and a long service life which can be even 20 years, makes the overall cost much more economical. Information on FRP Grating molding

Roving fiberglass and resin (around 35%) are layer by layer thoroughly mounted in the mold to achieve the desired thickness and panel size. After that, the panel will be removed from the mould to heal the appropriate temperature. Because of the Square mesh pattern of FRP Molded Grating it provides a substantial two-way load capability. They do not erode like steel grinding and is along these lines utilized in destructive conditions to lessen support costs.

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