Major Key Applications of Silicon Rubber

Silicon rubber has a number of properties that makes it one of the most important materials in manufacturing. It has a high capacity to withstand temperature extremes, moisture and corrosives like chemicals. The physical properties of silicon put it far above other organic rubbers, making it one of the most high-performing components in manufacturing. As a result we see silicon rubber profiles across various industries.


Silicon rubber profile manufacturers make critical part for various industries. One of the advantages of silicon rubber is its malleability and ease of production. In recent years it has replaced other components and has become a preferred choice, especially when we want a durable product.


In aviation we need products that can withstand high stress and very low temperature conditions. Most rubbers start become brittle in very low temperature and lose their elasticity. When compared when conditions of high stress, the rubber start to disintegrate. Silicon rubber, on the other hand, can withstand extremely low temperature. Where most rubbers cannot go beyond -30ºC, silicon can easily stand temperatures as low as -70ºC.

Specially produced and treated silicon will retain their physical properties in temperatures as low as -100ºC. Remarkably, its compression set is not affected in such low temperatures either. Silicon profiles are used for windows, doors, wings, wing edges, hydraulic switches, overhead bins, fuel tanks, electrical devices, electrical wires vent ducts, black boxes and engine gaskets.


One of silicon rubber profiles most visible applications around us lie in construction and restoration. Silicon has excellent adhering and releasing strength and it is this property that becomes very useful in this field. Silicon rubber profile manufacturers make coatings, adhesives and sealants are used across the industry for various purposes. It can bind diverse objects, an advantage that is critical in construction where we work with different type of materials. The adhesive properties of silicon are critical to meet the very strict standards of the industry.

Apart from its adhesive qualities, rubber profiles are also preferred for their ability to withstand weathering and vibrations. It means that the products will be able to withstand all weather conditions. It’s ability to retain its physical integrity under heavy vibrations makes it earthquake-resistant — a critical criteria. Because of silicon we can now think of making dramatic glass structures as well as carry out restoration work.

In restoration work silicon has found usage because of its ability to strengthen old joints, give them the ability to withstand weathering without marring the original construction. Silicon coating is applied to old stone buildings to make them resistant to water damage, giving them a new lease of life.


The hardy material that we use from construction to aviation has another critical usage — in healthcare. Silicon profiles are used internally, externally and even intravenously. Its applications range form critical medical equipment to infant care. Silicon rubber is preferred because it does not react to bacteria and most importantly, can be sterilised. It is also unlikely to trigger any allergic reactions or other unwanted outcomes. Today it is used in a number of medical equipment tubing because it can inserted safely. It is even used as a lubricating material for insertion of needles and other devices.


Silicon rubber profile manufacturers have a significant role to play in the electronics industry, especially in telecommunications, IT devices and power distribution. Silicon adhesives and sealants are proffered because of their ability to work with different materials — form cables to hardware. The insulation provided by silicon also makes it very useful in electronics.

Silicon rubber profiles are used for a range of electronic components, including hardware like copier rollers, keypads, and keyboards. They are also now increasingly being used as housing material for electrical hardware.

Consumer products

Perhaps the most popular and visible of all silicon rubber profiles are in consumer products. From toys to wearables, you will find silicon rubber products in many forms. Some of its usage is not so visible as it added to components like adhesives, polishes, cleaners and even fabric softeners. There are many reasons silicon rubber profile manufacturers are so active in consumer goods. As bake ware it is its ability to withstand heat, while as wearables like shoes we are looking for its resistance to moisture and its supple texture.

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