MS Dynamics Business Central: Suite for SMBs

Previous year, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central was introduced as the one-stop-shop commerce bundle. It is an enhanced, state-of-art ERP solution that is specifically intended for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It assists businessmen in making efficient use of their ERP solutions. MS Dynamics 365 business central makes SMBs eligible for using enhanced reporting analytics.

This business central suite by MS Dynamics is intended in a way that it can work with MS dynamics NAV and can leverage to expand business apps to other available MS cloud services. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Business Central can be enhanced by the nature of SMBs business. This explains the potential of the offerings of MS dynamics business central to SMBs and how it can boost the business growth.

Major Benefits of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central to SMBs

There are total five benefits that SMBs can get by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC development

  1. Enables Growth – As officials of MS dynamics 365 Business Central has intended the product with fully cloud-based option for implementation, it will get updated continually and thus, it’s a better choice to pick. Its cloud based option assists SMBs in enhancing functionality within just single software of business management. Moreover, the SMBs staff gets the opportunity to share ideas and access data or information at any time of the day. This means the employees always have access to important information and data.
  2. Integration with MS apps – Users can avail incredible integrated functionality along with Microsoft offerings, i.e. Power BI and Office 365. These offerings allow customers to perform several things without even navigating out of the application. For instance, the customer is allowed to send email from Outlook and without hassle, he can include a sales quote to it without any need of leaving the app.
  3. Resource management – The MS Dynamics Business Central is just not limited to tracking resources, but it also tracking their prices. Moreover, It has potential to organize them into several categories to ensure that they are assigned to the selected category when a requirement generates.
  4. Simple data – MS Dynamics Business Central helps SMBs in integration of smart extensive accounting and financial platforms that can be used with an ease. The software also allows SMBs to make sound data-driven decisions with simple guidance and interpretation of data by using intuitive technology.
  5. Project configuration – The software system allows hassle-free configuration of the project that encompasses job allocation, resourcing schedule, taking the project under consideration and gathering information. The latest NAV also offers the ability to select several roles, such as project manager who can access the performance of the individual and can assign resources.

How you get an end-to-end view of your business?

MS Dynamics Business Central system offers ways to drive end-to-end view of your business. These are as under-

  • Handle the financials

It helps make informed decisions. The system connects data across sales, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to drive an end-to-end view of the business. It even marks the financial performance in real time with its in-built Power BI dashboards.

The system accelerates financial close and reporting by streamlining accounts receivables and payables along with maintaining compliance. It also enhances forecast accuracy. It refines financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing data through multiple dimensions. The system also allows users to customize reports with the help of seamless MS Excel Integration.

  • Automate and secure the supply chain of the company

The system optimizes inventory levels by using built-in intelligence to predict what and when to replenish. Consumer need to purchase only what he needs with dynamically updated inventory levels.

It helps maintain right amount of inventory by calculating stock levels, reorder points, and lead times. It also suggests substitutes when customer requests for out of stock items. This prevents lost sales and reduces shortages.

It prevents unwanted fraudulent purchases through approval workflows.

  • Deliver projects within time and budget

The system stays on budget by creating, managing, and tracking customer projects with the help of timesheets along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. It also develops, enhances, and control budgets to get assured profits from the project.

It plans the manage resource levels precisely. It tracks down the invoicing for customers against pre-decided costs on orders and quotes.

It analyzes project performance by making effective decisions with real time insight on profitability, project status, and resource-usage metrics.

  • Run your business anywhere

Users can select cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment as an option. Business Central runs where you require it with the same user experience regardless the way it is deployed.

The mobile version of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offers both cloud and on-premise support to the user with a consistent, modern experience across Android, Windows, or IOS devices.

If you have a small or mid-size business, then you must try the Business Central to experience exceptional growth and profits.

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