What are The Top Most Programming Languages in 2017?

Programming Languages

Our technology world is made of hundreds of programming languages. They keep coming and going and, they all do not become popular, too. There are certain languages which always remain in fashion. This post aims to list the most demanding programming languages of 2017 based on several factors like developers’ surveys, their feed backs, GitHub Projects as well as websites or apps made with them.

Structured Query Language (SQL):
SQL is one of the most extensively used programming languages to communicate with a database. No doubt the SQL also dramatically leads other languages in terms of search results. It has become very much popular with activities like introducing features, making it open source, integration with R, integration with Linux, etc.

Java is a robust programming language. It has been adopted by a large community around the world. Google made it more popular when it launched Android which supports Java based apps. Yes, developers are nowadays widely using Java in Android app development projects. It’s simple and advantageous and, it’s a readable language which means it goes easier in learning, too.

Python is the third most popular programming language after SQL and Java. It’s a general purpose programming language. It also accentuates code lucidity and increases the productivity of developers. Apart from being used for web and desktop app developments, it’s also widely used in data mining.

JavaScript, the client-side front-end development language is supported by all browsers. 90% of web pages are already using JavaScript. It’s the most popular language on StackOverflow. Its adaptability and acceptance keep increasing, making it more usable with adding offline-first functionality for web apps.

C++ is driven from C, which is considered as the father of all programming languages. It is a powerful and performance-oriented language and, it is applied to build system software, games, and engines, desktop and web applications.

The modern web just cannot survive without PHP which means PHP is today’s most vital server-side scripting level language which is already fueling more than 80% websites all over world. Some popular website like Wiki, Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr are purely based on PHP programming technologies.

iOS Swift:
Released by Apple in 2014, Swift is the language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. It became popular soon after its launch. Its speed, easy-approach, and wide scale integration have made it a hugely demanded programming technology.

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