Range Of Beams Are Used For Installation Of FRP Cable Trays

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An installed cable tray, cable ladder, or channel support system can be taken as a loaded beam. FRP cable trays manufacturers will explain four different beam configurations that you can find in a general cable tray installation. Let’s discuss all four beam configurations-

Simply Supported Beam

It’s a single length of cable ladder, channel, or cable tray mounted on, but not equipped with two supports and represent single supported beam. Simply supported beam bends as any load is applied to it.

This simple beam mechanism doesn’t realistically model several real life installations.

Fixed Beam

A fixed beam mechanism is a single structural one having both ends fastened tightly to supports. Unlike single beam, fixed beam configuration significantly increases the beam potential to carry loads.

Fixed beam has some useful properties and assists designers to grasp the more complex behavior of multispan, continuous cable tray installation.

Continuous Beam

A general multi-span cable ladder or cable tray acts like a continuous beam. When the numbers of spans are more, it gets closer to similarity. However, when in practice, cable ladder run should consist of joints and can never be considered of infinite length.

When you load the run of cable tray uniformly from end to end, the load on every span is in balance with the loads on the adjoining spans.

Due to this, the inner spans act as fixed beams that are having considerably load-carrying potential. But the end spans are hardly counterbalanced, thus they work more akin to simple beams with lesser load carrying potential.

Cantilever Beam


Cantilever beam arrangement mostly happen with the brackets that are employed to support cable tray or cable ladder. You need to call manufacturers for safe working loads on cantilever arms.

These are the beams used for installation of cable trays and ladders. To source premium range of beams and avail assistance for installing and configuring beams, you can call Satyam India Company today. They are offering best quality frp cable trays, fiberglass cable trays, and GRP products across the world.

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