Safety Tips in Handling a Portable Generator

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A lot of portable generators are available in the market these days that it is hard to select one that is really good to fit one’s needs.  A portable generator is a generator that is essential to provide power when there is no power source.  Like camping or minor outages.  Unlike the standby generator wherein it is a permanent fixture in your home or business as an emergency power source, diesel generators in Sharjah provide the luxury of lesser space and portability.

Portable generators are useful but they can also be hazardous.  Carbon monoxide poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, fire and burns are the common hazards.  It is important to read and follow the instructions on the manual that comes with your purchase.  Never cut corners when it comes to safety.  These are some safety tips to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Do not use a generator inside the house, sheds or garages, even when you open doors or windows for ventilation or use fans.  Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can concentrate in these areas and could stay for hours even if you have already turned off the generator.
  • Put the generator away from doors, vents and windows that could allow carbon monoxide to get indoors.
  • It would be best to put up battery-operated carbon monoxide alarms in your homes.  These alarms should be certified and test the batteries monthly.

To avoid electrocution:

  • Do not operate portable generators in wet areas.  In cases wherein you must use it and it is wet outside, find a dry surface to operate the generator which is also away from the house.
  • Use only heavy-duty extension cords specifically designed for outdoor use to connect the generator to the appliances.  Check that the cords are in good condition and is free from tears and cuts.  Protect the cords from possibly getting crushed when it passes doors or windows.
  • Do not plug the generator into a wall outlet.  This practice can harm utility workers and neighbors who are served by the same utility transformer.

To prevent fire:

  • Fuels for the generator should not be stored inside the house. It should not also be near a fuel-burning appliance.
  • To refuel, make sure the generator has been turned off and allow it to cool down. Fuel that could be spilled on hot engine parts could ignite.
  • Be sure to turn off all equipment before shutting down the generator.

And to avoid getting burned, keep in mind that many parts of the generator are hot enough.  At all times keep children away.

Portable generators are designed to make outages live able and recreation times enjoyable.  Remember to note the safety measures so that problems will not arise in using the generator.  Some portable generators include standard wheel kits for easy movement of the generator from storage to the work site.  Consider a lot of options first before purchasing the right model for your application.  A lot of brands, shape and size is available.  Find a very good dealer who would be essential in your quest to find the perfect fit.  A good dealer will be able to answer your complicated questions as you weigh what is important.  Always seek for professional help on installation and refuelling to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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