The Basics of Commercial Printing

The Basics of Commercial Printing

Even in the age of digital, print remains an important industry for private and professional individuals. Not only is it better for our eyes, but we remember print better than digital content. The fact is print and digital media will coexist together for a long time to come. If you are interested in the world of professional printing, this article will provide a brief overview of the industry. Continue reading to learn more.

There are three main types of printing that are in common use today. Below you will find how they work and if a particular printing method is right for you.


Commercial digital printers, or tarpaulin printers, are best for quick jobs created in mass. Tarpaulin printing New York NY is commonly used to create postcards and promotional pieces for advertising. Digital printers take a virtual file and lay down ink toner on the desired material, copying the digital image.


The older version of commercial printing is offset lithography. It is essentially a large stamp that presses large metal plates with an inked rubber surface onto the printing surface. If you have a repetitive and continuous project to be printed, offset lithography is a good option. However, it is not as versatile as digital printing and can be expensive for small projects.


If you want an old-fashioned look on a card or flyer, engraving is one of the oldest printing methods available today. Go with this option if you have high-quality paper and want to make a statement. It is not suitable for mass production, though.

Choosing your printing method makes a significant difference on your cost and profitability. Your decision needs to be based on the amount of material you need to be printed and the print quality you are looking for. Consult your local print shop today and get an estimate for your project.

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