The Best Spots To Install Your Oven

There are several essential installations that need to be made in your kitchen. This means that you must choose a particular space for each of these installations so that you can analyse which location is best for that particular appliance.

At times, there are certain aspects which you tend to overlook or miss-out on while choosing a spot. And this is why you need someone who can guide you through the process. There should be a couple of reliable and experienced kitchen shops in your area that can guide you through this somewhat complicated process.

However, there are some common spots which you should be aware of so that you can ensure you install your oven in the right place.

Below the counter

If you have a L-shaped kitchen layout, you can use the space below the counter to install your oven. However, before you install it make sure that there is enough space around the counter so that the oven door does not hit the object placed next to it.

This way, you can use the oven as and when required without any hassles. But, a major drawback in installing your oven below the counter is that you may have to bend quite a number of times to place and remove your preparations.

Next to the cutlery cabinet

At times, you do not have adequate kitchen space because most of it is occupied by cabinets and other appliances. In such a situation, you can install your oven right next to the crockery cabinet.

If you don’t  make use of the oven on a day-to-day basis then this is the best spot. At this spot, there are fewer chances of the oven getting damaged or stained. This means that the oven is likely to function for a longer tenure than expected.

On the Kitchen Island

If you use your oven quite frequently and make major preparations through it, then you should consider installing it on the Kitchen Island. The biggest advantage of installing it at this spot is that you save yourself a couple of trips around the kitchen.

You can simply make your preparations and place them directly in the oven. Additionally, you will not have to bend or stretch yourself above your height quite often. Moreover, it is easy to maintain the oven because you can clean it often right after/before you use it.

Next to your cooking range

If your cooking range is installed in one of the corners of your kitchen then you can install your oven right next to it. This is a convenient cooking technique as you save up on time and effort.

Also, you do not have to search or build electrical points at several spots. You can simply have a multiple pinpoint at a particular spot and utilise it for all the appliances installed around the spot.

You can clean the oven almost daily when you clean your cooking range and easily get rid of any stains.

In-built holder

If you already have a set of appliances piled up along the Kitchen Island and around the cooking range then you can create an in-built holder to install your oven.

This way, you can make use of the wall space available to you and don’t have to worry about any specific oven dimension constraints. You can create the wall space as per the dimension of your oven. You can use this option even if you prefer to enjoy an empty and clear space above the counter.

You can place a home plant as a centrepiece in your kitchen and let all other spots be spick and span.

Open shelf

If you do not like to stand at a particular place in your kitchen and move around the space then you can add an open shelf in one corner of the kitchen and install the oven at this spot.

This will give you liberty to move across your kitchen and enjoy the sight of your beautiful oven. Above all, an open shelf gives you the opportunity to clean your oven from all sides whenever you want to.

Even if you have sufficient knowledge about all the pros and cons of various spots available to install your oven, it is recommended that you consult an expert before you actually do it. They take multiple practical aspects into consideration and then suggest to you the most appropriate spot.

Irrespective of where you install your oven, make it a point to clean it at least once a week. This will help you to maintain the quality of your costly, but necessary appliance.

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About the Author: Vijay Aegis

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