The Microsoft Dynamics AX – Let’s Rethink Business Applications

What is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP? It provides an easy access to business data and helps us take quick and well-informed decisions in real time.

With the change in market scenario, in order for a business to flourish one has different requirements for business steering and use of core applications. Hence, tough competition.

After its release, the Microsoft AX has been the most significant release in the history of dynamic AX.

Salient Features

Let’s point out some features for this one:

1. The UI it provides:– The UI so provided is modern, touch-enabled and is probably better than any ERP system in the market.

2. Intelligence and Performance:- Just like Cortana, this Microsoft application can tell you about problems in the supply chain of your business, future problem that you may come across. It is intelligent and adaptive like that!

3. Cloud implementation:- The cloud helps users to do business on a global scale, practically anywhere.

4. Speed:- The application can implement a system quickly and can really run fast without any business disruptions to enhance the effectiveness of your business.

Why should you choose MS Dynamics AX for your ERP solutions?

1. Scalable:- MS Dynamics AX is scalable and adaptive. It supports growth and provides a long term value for your business. This application is also integrated with other Microsoft solutions such as Office, Visual Studio, etc. This application even provides cloud solutions!

2. Widespread functionality: This application supports multiple languages from across 36 countries. It also supports trade between companies.

3. Providing a single platform: You don’t need other management systems if you got this application! You got everything integrated in a single platform. You can manage all business processes, analyze data and make faster decisions with a single platform.

4. Easy to use tools: Users get quickly familiar with its functionality. It is very convenient and easy to use.

5. Improved productivity: The application provides a role based access to information and users can enhance their personal productivity by completing their activities faster and having a deeper understanding of their operational data.

6. Improved collaboration and communication: The application provides effective connectivity between suppliers, customers, employees etc. Convenient web services and easy sharing of information is also provided.

7. Reduction of TCO: You can reduce your total Cost of Ownership by a simplified life cycle management. You buy the exact number of license you need and thus reduce your cost of ownership.

8. ROI– You get Returns for your Investment better than most ERP solutions. You find a significant decrease in operational cost and increased business value.

9. Security: We have stringent security. So users associated with a particular security role has access to the privileges provided by that role.

10. Benefits and Innovation: You have a commitment of research, development and innovation from this. Benefits from the interoperability provided by this platform could be of great help.


So let’s re imagine your ERP solutions in a different way. Imagine having something adaptive, smart, secure, convenient for users, does all work in a single platform. You need not look any further. Microsoft Dynamics AX is the perfect solution for your business.

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About the Author: Vijay Aegis

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