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The healthcare system in India is divided into two divisions. There is a public healthcare system which is populated by the government hospitals, hospitals managed by NGOs and trusts, primary healthcare centers, etc. These are run by the government, which means they are funded by the government. The other division is the private healthcare sector.

Lately, major corporates have jumped onto the healthcare bandwagon sensing tremendous profits in the sector, in the times to come. Therefore, we have many hospitals and dispensaries run by funds doled out by corporate bodies. Taking names of such institutions is beyond the scope of this article. In recent years, the private healthcare system has started dominating the primary healthcare system, thanks to the resources available for the former.

EMR Consulting In India

An EMR is a complete repository of the patient’s healthcare records. This contains the patient’s medical history, the summary of all visits, observations and treatments rendered to him, the healthcare centers visited by him, status of his current health, etc.

EMR consulting is when companies assist organizations in the healthcare sector in migrating to the electronic mode. There are companies in India that are carrying out this activity because lately, a need has been expressed by the private healthcare sector to migrate to the electronic mode of document storage for ease of handling.

In keeping with this need, a number of organizations have jumped on the bandwagon of providing EMR consulting in India. These organizations not only assess the needs of the healthcare service provider in terms of document management, but also help in training the patients and the staff of the service provider. In short, they make the process of migration from the paper mode to the electronic mode a cake-walk.

Why Do You Need EMR Consulting India?

Based on the technical feasibility of implementing an EMR system, an EMR system is classified into the following types:

  • Saas Based
  • Hybrid Based
  • Client Based

Depending upon the nature of your healthcare practice, you need to choose a suitable model.

This activity is carried out by an EMR consulting organization. Therefore, the utility of an EMR consulting organization. The process of migrating from a paper based working to an EMR based working is exhaustive and it can only be managed by organizations who have specialized in this field. Not everyone can perform this activity with the same degree of precision that an EMR consulting organization does.

In answer to the requirement for EMR solutions, a number of brands have come out with their own EMR software. Choosing an appropriate software for your individual business needs is a very difficult task. This can be accomplished only by an EMR consulting organization. Therefore, the need for EMR consulting India.


Researches done with eminent healthcare organizations that have implemented EMR prove that there is an overall improvement in efficiency in the business, quality of care and patient services.

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