What Resins Are Fiberglass Gratings Manufacturers Using For Producing Distinct Ranges?

FRP grating

Molded fiberglass grating manufacturers intend their products to deliver ultimate reliable performance, even in the highly demanding condition. These advanced and hybrid varieties of gratings are proven superior in applications that require corrosion resistance, bidirectional strength, and maintenance free long life.

Whether the standard concave design or grit-top walking surface design, molded fiberglass grating provides brilliant slip/skid-resistance and adds labor security. You can get them in rectangular or square mesh as per your need. A premium quality grating is prepared using thermosetting resin as it provides strength, one-piece molded panel. Moreover, due to light in weight, molded gratings are easy to install. Rectangular molded mesh is often used for trench covers and walkways in many industrial applications.

Characteristics Of Molded Gratings-

  • UV resistant
  • Easy to install
  • UL approved
  • Anti slip
  • Maintenance free
  • Impact resistant
  • Anti corrosive
  • Durable
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Lightweight

Distinct Colorful Gratings And Their Purposes

Orange or Gray- It is made of superior resin and is intended for reliable performance in the toughest environments. The proprietary resin system formulation used in the units has ability to resist chemicals and acids.

Green colored gratings are designed for chemical and industrial processing applications where environments are generally destructive. The formulation used for preparing these gratings is UL approved.

Light Gray- gratings are used mostly in food and beverages sector. Food processing applications required such gratings to transfer food products from one location to another.

Gray gratings are extremely corrosion resistant and are installed at the place that is prone to fire.

Yellow, green or gray gratings are economical and share anti corrosion property.

Manufacturers of FRP gratings often get queries for yellow, green or gray gratings by consumers. Though they also receive many orders for rest of the gratings, but yellow fiberglass gratings are highly in demand. You can even contact them and avail your choice of gratings for domestic or industrial use. There are stair treads, walkways, stair cases, and many other grating designs available at the store. Choose wisely!

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