3 Questions to Ask When Repurposing a Building for Your Company


When you take over a pre-existing building to house your new business, you need to make sure that it’s ready to handle your needs. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out what updates you need to perform on your building before your opening day.

Do You Have Reliable Internet Access?

Even if your primary work does not take place online, your office needs to have reliable Internet access so that you can complete research, update your website and conduct online sales. Depending on how old your business is and how long it has been empty, it may not include the necessary technology. Search for the best structured cabling services Orange Park FL to make sure that your Internet access is secure and regular.

Do You Have Running Water?

Access to running water is a necessity for businesses of all kinds. Unless you have a working bathroom with toilets and sinks, you cannot allow your employees to work. Additionally, they must have some source of drinking water, and a tap is much cheaper and more eco-friendly than bottled water or jugs. While virtually every building in the United States includes plumbing, check that the pipes are in good condition and that the water is clear and pathogen-free.

Do You Have Adequate Shelter?

Depending on your industry, your building may need to be partially open to the elements. However, it must also provide adequate shelter for you and your employees. This includes having a roof in case of rain and heating and cooling systems if your employees work inside year-round. The dangers of exposure to extreme weather are real, and as a business owner, you have a duty to take them seriously.

Buying a second-hand building is easier on your budget and the environment than constructing a new one. However, you need to address these issues before you and your employees can get to work.

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