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Not only designers offer ideas for the kitchen. Our imaginations, tastes, requirements dictate the best options for this device family oasis. In this case all the spectacular, stylish decorative interior components and modular kitchen manufacturers India should be as useful. If you cannot expand the footage, pushing the wall, we can add our kitchen illusory prospects of successfully picked up coloring the walls, curtains, a compact arrangement of furniture, luxurious lighting. After all, the design – it is a tool that turns a little in the middle, and the average in what we like.

A minimum of colors of antique kitchen utensils- 2 bright colors, bright little emphasis on the far wall visually increase the room – this is the most advantageous solution for a white kitchen. Paint the opposite wall in the more saturated colors, we will add charm and elegance of the interior depth: the walls as if to move away from us. Decorating Ideas: corridor and kitchen painted in the same color of light, getting the illusion of a single large room. Glossy bright ceiling creates an excellent volume with a rich cuisine lighting.

 How to make comfort?

All ideas kitchen design is based on the provision of air and light spaces. That is why it will suit transparent, light, bright curtains. The abundance of motley textile inappropriate in small kitchens. But bright napkins, towels, discreet print are attractive and pleasing. Bright interior attract attention, visually reducing the room. Therefore, such an idea is good for the kitchen more. Abundance mirror reflecting surfaces visually add space: like insert on the furniture, mirrored ceilings, shiny decor on the walls.

Successful nuance – Pastel landscape (without massive frame) on the light wall illusion gives wonderful living perspective. It is also desirable thin chrome frame. Here are ideas for decorating the kitchen with modern lamps: more than them, so it is wider. The best solution – the big chandelier and rows of spotlights. Increase the kitchen bright sunlight or a halogen lamp, light, pastel, shiny surface of the furniture. This is the best idea for the modern kitchen, from which she will play a luxurious diamond.

A fully fitted kitchen here will help a compact set of appropriate and suitable modules transforms the latest furniture. The most economical ideas of modern cuisine – zoning furniture. Interesting transparent or colored glass block partitions and dividers arches. The ceiling of one level do matte over glossy and kitchenette – seating area above, and the price of this work is minimal.

Comfortable zone

Designer modern cookware is a major and distinctive decoration when decorating. The latest consumer electronics, stylized with your hands overhead carved elements for retro looks perfect in the “old” kitchen with a colorful cast-iron pots and wooden utensils.

Ornamental peppers, tomatoes, bright celery, basil, parsley – the perfect kitchen decoration, modular kitchen and cabinets, will enrich our food with vitamins. Hardy and beautiful rubber plants, violets, tradescantia on the shelf, post away from the work area in hanging pots. As you can see, the idea of decoration for the kitchen are endless.

Note! This will facilitate the use of furniture and household appliances permutation. One hand movement shelf with heavy device itself rises from the drawer, and stops at the desired level, and then, without our physical effort develops into place again.

Massive furniture put in the corner, away from the entrance to it, we do not interfere in the work zone. Many photos ascertain – this method expands the space. Roomy narrow tall fridge optimally enhances the kitchen, make it greater. In addition, it visually increases the ceiling height.

If you have good taste, combined with a wealth of experience, in what colors to paint your kitchen, it will be easy to choose. And if all this is not, our article offers a choice of ready-made solutions ready-made combinations of colors for the kitchen.

It is foolish to underestimate the power of color. Shades has an amazing ability – to reduce or increase any space to change focus, to hide flaws, improve mood and enliven the room. Choose the right color, you will be able to competently make a repair or repaint any room in the house. The basic rule for the kitchen – a choice of basic colors which paint the walls, ceiling, flooring (tiles), kitchen furniture. In order to help you find the right color for the kitchen, we offer a closer look to our ideas that are sure to come in handy.

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