3 Software Development Trends That Are Bound To Run High

Software Development Trends

So how about the following software development trends that will help you fabricate powerful solutions acquiring more speed, efficiency and problem solving ability.

The elevation of Chat Ops for manual task automation
The rapid growth of Slack has revolutionized the chat application industry and breathed in a completely new life. The move encouraged a large number of businesses acquiring team chat applications to help in their ongoing business operations including the creation and shipping of software development tools.

Serving the basic purpose of communicating with your team member through a chat tool is only the beginning as compared to what potential these tools have in store for large and highly aggressive enterprises. Teams are able to ship software with better efficiency and convenience through strong integrations, automated bots, and workflow tools.

Through scripting, bots have transformed traditional automation on its head, for example, a system administrator with a deployment script, and taken this to a shared command control/control infrastructure.

People do not require access to production requirements directly if it is run at the hands of a centralized bot. If the bot has the authorized permission, any team member can deploy the code with the correct commands. New team members can become acquainted within no time rather than needing to wait for hours and user permissions become compressed by the bot itself.

Bots can successfully create common and consistent workflows. They instantly and reliably follow the commands of the authorized personnel and limit the overhead costs and other complications a human brain can induce.

Aspects such as deployment status, build status, merges and commands in source control can all acquire instant visibility for each team member.

A consistent visibility ensures all the team members are on the same page taking the status of any particular project also of the software development production line. Furthermore, your team chat can even experience real time error notifications in front of them.

Besides the benefit of eliminating the human error, the personnel can also save human time to progress things further. The team can practically diminish vulnerable hand-typed SQL statements and automate tests around repetitive commands.

Managers that are under the misconception of such apps as irrelevant and limiting productivity should examine the plethora of benefits chat applications can bring for their team and overall business.

Acquiring software intelligence to locate problems beforehand
Many large software houses have now started to employ software intelligence tools with the aim to resolve issues that are influencing the customer experiences directly.

Rather than just monitoring the dashboards for effects on top level trends, teams are now starting to acknowledge they can gain deeper insights of their software’s issues.

Traditional application performance monitoring tools (APM) are a commonplace in enterprise level companies. The next-big-things in monitoring tools are even promoting the professionals to examine end users’ experiences at a much deeper level.

The core benefit of software intelligence is providing professionals the mastery to automatically detect when the user was encountering a troubled experience and what can be done to improve it. Further, the software is also capable of providing full diagnostic details regarding every individual user error, crash or performance issue.

Merging all your monitoring aspects into one software intelligence tool permits you to combine things like performance data with the crash and error reporting data to see where the issues are originating from, or view a full user session and study what workarounds were taken prior to the occurrence of the error.

Due to the merging of data, rather than getting dispersed between teams, the level of understanding and insights your team acquires is genuinely powerful and an authentic problem-solver. This enables the team to correctly anticipate and resolve issues more accurately and quickly than before, laying the foundations for an exceptional end user experience and easily duplicating any software bugs and crashes they have encountered before.

The product not only comes in the form of powerful software, but the ROI acquired from this level of performance will be staggering. Also the team will be required to save valuable time from searching rigorous logs for answers and spend ample effort in shipping new features.

In short, software intelligence allows developers to spot the issues that have been affecting the performance of the software as well as affecting the end user experience.

All due to software intelligence, application monitoring has peaked to a whole new advancement, and the trend is not likely to stop anytime soon.

Safely deploying the code many times each day
Gone are the days when Microsoft used huge release cycles and now has started to acquire smaller, consistent series of updates to its core Windows OS.

A continuous deployment works to reduce the time registered between writing a new code and handing it over to users in the production environments. The deployment is done with the help of an infrastructure that automates different steps, eventually releasing the tool in the market.

When the tests run successful, the live application users are interacting with is updated according to the changes in the new code. In cases the test fails, the human intervention can instantly come to fix the issue, or move back to the earlier versions of the software.

These tools have allowed professionals to ship multiple times per day in a safe and consistent manner. Take Amazon for instance, the ecommerce giant has managed to remove gridlock for manual deployments and releases code every few seconds.

If your team is working towards big, critical releases within strict deadlines, further without having the full view of the after-release impacts, then its time your company should opt for continuous deployment.

With the modern software development industry offering multiple codes in the marketplace, routing to the continuous deployment is all open for developers around the globe.

Final words
So which of the above trends are you and your company familiar with and implemented in your systems? How much do you think your department will fare after employing these trends in your development practices? Top software development companies in Dubai and around the globe straightforwardly employ such tools and processes that indicates the developers are shifting from complex and time-consuming workflows to efficient and more promising solutions.

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