Kotlin Is The New Gift From Google For Android Users

With millions of users already using Android platform, they can now relish the fruits of the all new official language, Kotlin. Being an Android user, you might have already experienced the benefits of C++ and Java, the other two programming languages of Android. So, now get ready to have a more functional and advanced Android as it gets ready to add one more feather to its hat.

In a recent conference, this news has been revealed by Google and quite evidently it has received a big applause from users across the globe. If you have Android Studio, you can download the Kotlin plug-in right now. Kotlin is the brainchild of JetBrains which is also popular for developing Intellij. Kotlin runs on Java Virtual Machine and its interoperability with Java, which is the official Android development language, makes it a hit among the Android developers India. The grand support from the search engine giant will certainly be a boost for this budding language and hence would make Kotlin application all the more convenient.

Why Kotlin

Kotlin has been defined as an open sourced project which is believed to lubricate the ease and fun of Android development. This nascent language has already been adopted by some of the renowned names in the market like Pinterest, Expedia, Square and Flipboard and many are eyeing to take on the nascent language for the apparent success that it will bring on.

A project under the license of Apache 2.0, Kotlin is believed to be included with the 3.0version of Android studio. Google and JetBrains have already come forward to prop up this promising language and that’s, no doubt, a huge support for a burgeoning language like Kotlin to make its prominence in the market.

Comparison of Java and Kotlin

A lot of similarities can be observed within Java and Kotlin as the latter is also statically typed and object-oriented and can equally solve the problems like Java. Added to these, this new language also has some creative ideas of functional programming and a cleaner syntax over what Java has.

Same ownership

Another interesting story that you would be surprised to know is that Google will not own Kotlin; instead, it will continue to be developed by JetBrains. On the other hand, JetBrains is pledging to set up Kotlin Foundation, a nonprofit one, with Google to drive the language. More astonishingly, Kotlin is already seeing itself being adopted by other software giants like iOS and Mac.

Mix of 2 languages

You might be wondering as to what attracted the Android team to take up Kotlin. Well, it’s the brilliant interoperation among Java and Kotlin which has proved to be appealing enough to Android developers. This gives you the flexibility to add the embryonic language to the prevailing codebase as per your choice and requirement. The freedom of blending these two languages for the same project makes it one of the most lucrative parts of the entire story.


You can always call out to Kotlin from Java and vice versa, though the latter would need some automated translation.

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