7 Common Web Design Errors


This does not mean a web designer is intentionally leaving these details out or he does it so that he can charge you extra for the “repairs” rather these errors are never truly realized until the visitor access a particular website. A designer would normally check for the following most common “web design errors“.

Busy Page = Bad Page
When you try to put up a too much information on a single web page, the page naturally becomes cluttered and takes longer to load. In turn, the users who access the site on their mobile phones or elsewhere, it becomes nightmarish for them.

Hence, the common error is to not allow room for white space. There should be ample white space so that it feels on the visitor’s eyes, meanwhile, keeping an appropriate spacing between texts, columns, graphics, and links on the web page.

Don’t Hide Your Links
Links are the most important feature on your website so don’t risk them being hidden away. Instead, make your links stand out. You can highlight the links the way you want but ensure consistency across the website (in terms of whichever style you choose to highlight your links with). When there is no link present, don’t highlight that text. You can experiment by underlining, using bold font or varying colors for different set of links.

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Say ‘No’To Pointless Navigation
In web design, navigation plays an important role. The user experience is usually determined on this. Navigation is how easily a person can gain access to the information by exploring different tabs around your website.

The tabs can be appealing and should offer attraction for the visitor to check them out. But, if it is all animations and a ton of loading screens before the visitor actually gets to see the desired content after clicking then it falls under the purview of pointless navigation.

No CTA (Call to Action)
Once you have accounted for all the above errors or some of them (depending on what gaping holes were left unchecked) in your web design, comes your site’s call to action. CTA can be summed as something which asks your target audience to whatever is it you want them to do.It may be to click a link, share something, sign up, and the prompts of the sort.

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If none of these are present, then the whole purpose of your website is defeated.Therefore, the trick is to incorporate a clear-cut call to action in a relevant place/corner of your site. You should exercise care that it does not interfere with visitor’s navigation experience or is annoying in any way to the users.

Search Box Nowhere To Be Found
The search box is an absolute necessity.When it comes to running a website inthis day and age, especially if it’s an e-commerce website,you cannot pass up on a search box. If a visitor does not have the option to find and locate the item or service he’s interested in, then you should consider retiring from the game.

In the case, if you do not have the expertise to add a search box to your site on your own,you can always outsource it to a specialist who will do it for you. By introducing a search box you will not only improve the functionality of your website but also enable visitors to find what they are searching for.

A solution that newcomers often resort to is including Google’s Custom Search to their site design. It is quite simple technique and at the same time very effective. You can copy the desired HTML code and the Google-powered search box is ready to be utilized.

Site Didn’t Pass the Testing Phase
The testing phase is imperative for your website. It is the last check for to see whether or not the site is first-rate before going live with it. Firstly, since people will be accessing it via smartphones, desktops, and through the means of other available devices, your site should reflect the part when accessed on any of the platforms.

Secondly, what you need to be aware of during the testing phase is running the website it under distinct environments such as across a number of browsers or by disabling a certain setting, say, JavaScript. Only when it fares okay in all areas should you choose to go live with it.

Irrelevant or Obsolete Content on the Site
Lastly, be wary of irrelevant or outdated content on your website. You ought to keep up with latest in your niche so you don’t lag behind. If you don’t, all your design efforts will have been for nothing as getting traffic is the ultimate objective and when no one is visiting, every bit is in vain.

The ideal way of doing things is to curate content. Content curation means an amalgam of text, images, videos, infographic and anything that may be appropriate for the type of website you are operating so as to enhance visitor engagement.

David R is a logo designer at Logo Glaze where he is creates custom logo designs. He is a graphic designer by profession but he is a writer in nature. He has an experience of more than a decade in the design and development industry and loves to help people achieve their dreams.

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