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India is the second largest populated country in the world. Due to its large population mobile phones are in great use and demands. Many mobile companies have made huge profits on their phones by launching them in India. Mobile once was like a device of status but now its use has become common.

From a rickshaw driver to an elite businessman uses cell phones according to their need and spending capability. Mobile phones are available from two thousand rupees and price can go as high up as to seventy thousands INR. With mobile phones are so vastly and commonly used there is a need to upgrade its specifications, looks, packaging and its accessories.

Mobile phones were launched in India in mid 90s and soon it became a status symbol then a need and now a craze. With so many mobiles in the market it is the operating system which is main feature and reason behind a phones success. With the launch of smartphones Android operating system has become a revolution in mobile industry.

Android is an operating system which was developed by Google especially for touch screen, smartphones and tablets. This operating system enables the users to gestures such as swiping and taping on mobile or tabs screen to work. With its great acceptance and success Android Developers in India too seems to be interested to develop a similar kind of an operating system or to advance it for better use. With mobile phones now reaching even to the remotest areas its need has indeed become prominent and android developers India are capable of making it more useful than ever.

Why Only Android?

Android no doubt is the bestseller when it comes to smartphones therefore it is of no brains that sticking to the trend leads you to success or else you create something different which is even superior. Its success is unparalleled in comparison to its competitor like Blackberry, Microsoft and Apple.

What Are the Courses Available?

In order to become an Android developer India, you need to have the basic knowledge of computers, further you also require programming tools such as Java, SQL (structured English query language) and XML (extensible mark-up language) among many other programming courses.

For becoming an Android developer you need to be patient and perseverant as new technologies are coming every day you need to be on your toes to be in touch with all the changes in technologies. Being in this industry is thus very difficult as need to be educated about all the relevant changes. The main quality of becoming a good developer is that no matter how knowledgeable you get you should be exploring and investigating about all the new technologies out or coming out. Try to build up a team of software developers, designers and marketers for your developed program so that more advices can be formed in order to make your program better. As Android is riding high in the market it is best time to be Android developers.

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