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There are some hidden features in Android Nougat that you should know

The latest upgrade made by the team of Android development India is not a revolutionary break from Marshmallow 6.0, yet there are some helpful little surprises waiting for you. Let’s explore them!

You may have good news and a bad news. There is a new, candy-themed android version. However, if you don’t have one of the latest Nexus devices, you will have to wait for more time to explore Android 7.0 Nougat. Google brought the first developer preview of Android N earlier this week. Unlike Marshmallow, Android Nougat includes latest user-facing features and some of these features are already found in several Android OEM skins like LG, Samsung, and Huawei.

Android N will need more six months to reach public. But the developer preview provides us a good idea of all the new features that the operating system will include.

  1. Split screen multitasking

Split screen is the biggest new feature of Nougat. Split-screen feature was the result of millions of requests from seasoned android users. You activate the split view mode by long pressing the recent apps button. By doing this, you will see the recent apps switcher at the bottom of the screen. The apps switcher will let you to select the second app you want in split view.


Though there is a default setting for usable screen area, i.e. the screen is divided into half for both the apps. But you can change this 50-50 screen sharing by dragging the handlebar between the apps up or down.

  1. Recent apps button

Even if you think that split-view feature is useless for you, then don’t worry. Google has introduced some interesting changes by enhancing functionality of the recent apps button in Android N that will surely offer some convenience to heavy multi-taskers. You can press the recent apps button to access apps you have opened, instead of navigating back to the foreground app or the home screen.

You can switch between two apps that you are using by double tapping on the recent apps button.


  1. Picture in picture

Android released a new picture-in-picture mode in Nougat. You can use this feature and minimize a video to a corner in the youtube app and continue browsing inside the app.

The feature offers the same functionality to a system level, however this feature is presently missing from the developer preview of Nougat. The final release of Android N will take more months, and there is a chance that Google can bring this feature to Android smartphones and tablets.


  1. New look for notifications

With Nougat, Google is providing the notification shade feature. Besides the revamped look, the notification panel on Nougat offers several features like direct reply, bundled notifications, etc.

The latest notification panel looks sleeker and more information-packed than before. Users may find it a bit overwhelming, but the new design makes better use of the high-resolution screen that latest Android mobile and devices are having today.


  1. Direct reply

Direct reply feature released by Google in Marshmallow will empower users to send direct reply by tapping on the reply button on an actionable notification. After tapping he can respond to the message within the notification panel itself.

  1. Bundled notifications

With bundled notifications feature, developers will be able to group multiple notifications from their app into one. User can expand each notification to reveal more information.


  1. Redesigned settings menu

Redesigned settings menu feature provides higher information density to take better advantage of the higher resolution displays that current android devices are having.

  1. Data saver

Google provides a built-in data saver mode for Android, but with Nougat, the company is integrating the data saver feature to the operating system itself. The feature helps in reducing mobile data usage by limiting background app data use. This feature was available in previous versions of Android. The latest update helps in restricting data use for apps when they are in foreground.

  1. Automatic night mode

Google has a hidden night mode feature in the developer preview of Marshmallow. In Nougat, Night mode will be tucked under the hidden system UI tuner menu, but it includes a few enhancements.

The OS can now automatically enable night mode for the user according to his location and time of the day. It is now possible to adjust the brightness and tint of the display when night mode is on.


You should know that Google has only released the Android N first developer preview. The final release will take more months and the company can alter and add more changes to the update. Android development India team will continue sharing updates about the Android N with you all. Till then, if you have any doubt or query, ask in comments below.

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