Applications of Custom Moulded Rubber Parts- Giving Best Output

Moulded Rubber parts

The versatility of custom moulded rubber parts makes it extremely beneficial for use in many businesses and industries, ranging from construction, manufacturing, and laboratory research to the commercial packaging industry. Using a customized moulded rubber out of a cast designed specifically to fit a particular requirement can help in fulfilling most design needs.

Whether it’s using injection method or compression molds, the innovative use of custom moulded rubber parts can be endless. Most common places where these rubber parts are found is in canning factories, elevators, breweries, beverage containers, and much more. Few of the applications that utilize such customized rubber are –

1.Coating Existing Tools

One of the most effective uses of custom moulded rubber is to help coat the existing tools that are used in almost every industry. Due to its high level of density, rigidity, and strength, it can withstand a high amount of stress without going a lot of wear and tear. Its non-conductive property makes it a great insulator coating for wiring to reduce chances of leakage or breakage.

2.  Indoor and Outdoor Machinery

Many industries that have heavy machinery working for them require parts that can endure under pressure and also create a leak-proof barrier against external elements. Industries such as Agriculture go through a lot of wear and tear due to outdoor use. Custom rubber track systems are also highly beneficial for the mobility of building vehicles such as tractors, cranes, and bulldozers. These track systems are smart enough to distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly. This helps in reducing the pressure on these vehicles and improves their pushing, lifting, and pulling abilities.

3. Tension Pads

Custom moulded rubber parts highly durable for covering major lay barge operation. It acts as tensioner pads to allow the laying of pipelines under the sea to protect it from leaking or cracking underwater. Its various properties help in offshore drilling, pipe-laying, and oil extraction.

Benefits of Custom Moulded Rubber Parts

Apart from the above applications, custom moulded rubber parts are used as vibration mounts, rubber rolls, seals, grommets, stopper, automation parts, tubes, daily-use components, bellows, dampers, and much more. The key benefits of using rubber parts in all these places are –

  • One can customize it in any requirement with the help of a mold. This makes it a universally accepted and used item in almost every industry.
  • It has a high level of flexibility to help achieve any production requirement.
  • It can withstand a high amount of pressure while retaining its properties.
  • Rubber has high dynamism and tensile strength to support the most crucial of applications.
  • It is resistant to many chemicals such as alkali, oils, and gasoline.
  • Customized moulded rubber can retain its property and functional value even after undergoing compression, twisting and stretching.
  • It is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
  • The lifespan of rubber elements is higher that increases productivity and profit in the long run.
  • The non-conducting property of rubber makes it a great insulator.

Mold Cost Comparison

One of the most common ways of providing the design provisions to silicone molding producers is via computerized programs. Other significant info needed by the producer includes the usage of coatings. Injection, transmission and density molding are known to be the major techniques applied to create parts of rubber. An ejector method is usually obligatory to eliminate portions from the mold. Transmission molds need an essential small disc and well pot for rubber to assign. They usually have got an ejector method to eliminate quantities from the mold. Reheating sources should be included in an transfer or injection mold.Rubber is very durable, though also being very muchfloppy than numerous other materials. This means that rubber can endurea lot of stress and show less wear than few of the different materials. In addition, rubber components could act as an operational non-conductive protecting material.

Numerous businesses advantage from the usage of convention moulded rubber parts each day. For instance, the gas and oil industry need parts of rubber that could endure dangerous temperatures, influential atmospheres, and biochemical exposure. Gas and Oil pumps depend on the O-ring and closing results to bring excellent presentation in dangerous circumstances shutting severe chemicals at greater temperatures. Moreover, daily items related to electronic such as cell phones, laptops and so on need rubber sealing to guard mechanisms from dirt and water pollution.


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