Bathroom Remodeling Basics You Should be Aware of According to the ADA

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The ADA has certain standards when comes to remodeling a bathroom for the disabled. In case you’re not aware of what the ADA is, it is also known as the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are performing bath renovations for a disabled individual, then according to the ADA, you must be able to push a wheelchair in the remodeled bathroom and turn it around for it to be considered acceptable.

In order to comply with these standards, your bathroom remodeling project should begin with designer bathroom accessories India. The reason being is because the disabled person will need to be able to enter the bathroom without doing any damage to the door or themselves and without struggling to get in with their wheelchair. An adequate measurement of the entry way should be about 36 inches. Some people prefer not to have their doors expanded or changed too much. In this case, you may find comfort in using a 30 inch door which is also efficient.

Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Consider

One of the most important things that you need to consider when doing a bath remodel is the overall size of your bathroom. In order for a wheel chair to be able to turn around in it, it needs to have an area of 50-68 inches. This area allows a disabled person to access everything when it is in front of the toilet or sink. All fixtures should be about 32 inches high. This will allow disabled individuals to reach them without any complications. The wheel chair and the toilet bowl should both be the same height. It should also be oval shaped.

Other important things that you should consider when implementing new bathroom remodeling designs for disabled people are the bath and shower. Your small bathroom design should include a device that will help lift the individual out of the wheelchair and into the tub. It should also be able to seat them back a little further for comfortable seating. Most people prefer the roll in showers that have let down seats because they are much more convenient to incorporate into your bathroom design ideas.

Bathroom Remodeling: Other Things to Consider

To keep disabled individuals from falling and hurting themselves, it’s much better to put grab bars around the toilet, bath, sink & shower area. Be sure that you reinforce the walls where the grab bars are placed since they are known for holding a great deal of wait. There are many places that you can install grab bars whether they are behind the toilet tank, on each side of the toilet, above the tank, in roll in showers, next to fold out seats and more. Custom Enclosed showers require that you check with the instructions of the manufacturer.

This way, you have a clear idea of how high you need to place them. Be sure to invest in doors with levers so that disabled individuals can open them easily. The same is true for bathtubs, sinks and showers. Install temperature control dials which will keep the disabled from scalding themselves. Switches and outlets should also be a major concern for remodeled bathrooms that fit ADA standards. They should be positioned at a height that makes it simple for disabled individuals to reach them when needed.

A ground fault interpreter on the front or side of the bathroom counter can make this possible. Search online for the best advice on a cheap bathroom remodel for the disabled. Don’t forget that there should be LEDs or fluorescent bulbs in the bathroom. Bathroom remodel contractors will inform you that these last much longer. Besides, disabled people require help changing out bulbs. With these bulbs, they won’t have to worry about changing them out often at all. Get started on your bathroom remodeling project today.

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