Crime Scenes – Trained and Professional Cleaning Services

When the police finish processing an accident or crime scene, the process of cleaning and restoration can begin. Accident and crime scenes often have blood and various biohazard contaminants that may pose major health risks.

Crime Scene and Trauma Scenarios

  • Evidence-collecting chemicals and fingerprint powders
  • Fire extinguisher residue
  • Pepper spray and teargas residue
  • Tissue remnants, bodily fluids and blood


From pepper spray and tear gas residue to evidence-collecting chemicals and fingerprint powder, professional cleaning services can effectively clean and restore different types of property once a crime scene has been investigated.


Professional cleaners are responsible for removing and disposing of tissue, bodily fluids and other potentially harmful substances that result from death, crime, trauma or accidents. They can clean, sanitize and deodorize the premises.

Drug Labs

Many chemicals that are used during the production of illicit drugs like methamphetamine are unpredictable and may leave behind dangerous residues around the property. Technicians adhere to stringent guidelines to make sure all surfaces are properly cleaned.

Emotional Impact

Regardless of whether or not you know someone who was involved in a crime scene does not determine the emotional impact it can have. These types of situations are usually difficult for everyone who is involved. When the area needs to be cleaned, it is advisable to allow a third party to deal with the process and ease the burden. Learn more about crime scene cleanup Austin here.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup

Technicians are guided by certain protocols and stipulations that enable the transformation of unsafe environments into safe and clean homes or businesses. Focus is primarily on safety because accident or crime scenes may consist of harmful chemicals, blood borne pathogens and other dangers.

Your property and all the people involved are treated with respect and empathy during such difficult circumstances. If you need biohazard or crime scene cleaning, professional cleanup services offer an extensive range of services for various jobs.

Importance of Cleanup Companies

Unattended deaths, industrial accidents, residential accidents, suicides and homicides occur and a crime scene cleanup company can effectively eliminate potentially infectious diseases. Crime scene cleaners are hired to manage different situations with composure and professionalism within some of the worst and horrific scenes that a person can encounter.

Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scene cleaners are required to posses a range of traits and skills.

  • Training- Proper training is required by most professional cleaning companies to ensure that employees receive proper education on safety risks like exposure to blood borne pathogens, using personal protective equipment and the best practices.
  • Compassion- A crime scene cleaner handles difficult circumstances. They should be able to give families reassurance and support.
  • Integrity- Since customers entrust their homes, safety and personal property to crime scene cleaners, integrity is crucial. Professional cleanup companies often carry out background checks on employees to ascertain their credibility.
  • Attention to Detail- Paying keen attention to details and following protocol is necessary for avoiding various health risks.
  • Commitment- A family may require cleaning services at any hour of the day or night. Crime scene cleaning services should be flexible, accessible and available.
  • Resilience- Cleaning a crime scene is a job that can be mentally and physically challenging. Technicians wear sets of gloves, respirators, full facemasks and biohazard suits.

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