Injury at Work- When you need an Attorney

If you have been hurt while at work, you may be wondering about the prospects of hiring and consulting a work injury lawyer. People often struggle with this decision when they do not want to put their jobs at risk or create tension with their employers.

It might seem easier to try and heal and resume work. However, it may not always be this simple. The healing time can be much longer than expected. There are times when the employer’s insurance provider refuses to cover necessary expenses. Occasionally, an injured employee’s job is in danger due to an injury. You can seek legal help to avoid being left with an astronomical bill after your recovery.

Reasons for Hiring a Work Injury Lawyer

The insurance provider tries to avoid paying compensation you deserve

Your initial medical expenses should not restrict your settlement amount. Consider the future costs that are linked to physical therapy, medication, massage, chiropractic and other treatments that are aimed at aiding recovery. Add the implications of lost wages and unpaid bills. Financial losses can be overwhelming and the insurance company should compensate you accordingly.

Employer’s communication leans towards harassment

Daily emails and phone calls to request information may be common but they are not necessary. Such correspondence indicated a sense of panic from the human resource department of your employer. It is advisable for clients to forward these requests to an attorney in order for the legal team to review and respond prudently. Contact a work injury attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas here.

The cause of injury was your employer’s gross negligence

Companies are responsible for keeping their workers safe while they are on the job. If you were provided with unsafe working conditions, you have leverage. Your employer should be willing to do all that it takes to ensure you have all the things you need to facilitate your recovery before going back to work.

Legal Remedies for Workplace Injuries

Although some compensation issues can be resolved without involving a lawyer, there are a number of instances that require timely legal representation.

Denied Claims

Legitimate compensation claims may be denied by employers and third-party administrators. For people who believe that they have valid claims in regards to receiving compensation for injuries at the workplace, an appeal can be filed. Having an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer by your side while pursuing your claim can increase your chances of receiving the compensation that you are entitled to. 

Inability to work due to Medical Issues

If you experience medical challenges due to an injury at the workplace and cannot get back to work, you need to contact an attorney. Depending on how severe your injury along with the medical complications, you might be entitled to further benefits that you may be unaware of. A lawyer can provide representation throughout the claim process and litigation to obtain the monetary compensation and benefits you deserve.

Insufficient Settlement Offer

Your employer may offer a settlement of the entire claim or an issue to avoid a costly and lengthy claim process. If the settlement offer and proposed amount does not sufficiently cover your lost wages or medical expenses that result from your inability to get back to work, hiring a lawyer will help you obtain the benefits you truly deserve.

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