How PCD Network Helps Boost Pharmaceutical Business

PCD pharma company

Pharmaceutical companies are the industries researching and developing pharmaceutical drugs to be used as medicines these medicines can be under a brand name or generic but these all need to have certain permissions from the government bodies to be distributed and marketed over the licensed drug shops.

The industry goes long back in time when human first seen some specific botanicals to be effective in certain illness and then pharmacy practitioners like sushrut and charak started to experiment with certain plants and their roots as a remedy of a few known disease. Later on the talent passed on from generations to generations and became a way of living by the eighteenth century when some of the botanists started to harvesting such medicines and selling them to wholesalers. These wholesalers were then able to spend money on researches and development of the products like morphine and quinine and then they started to synthesize these medicines in labs to convert them in to pills and powders.

By the starting of nineteenth century pharmacist around the world needed to know more and more about drugs and thus the huge wealth backup was needed. Later on these pharmacy companies needed to have a huge facility where they could work on a verity of drugs under the same roof with a staff of intelligent minds. Medicines would also have found in one place and could be useful at another part of the world and to deliver more product to a large customer base it was necessary to have a network strong enough to spread the news of their medicines. That’s probably when the PCD pharma company India came in light.

Soon the government bodies got in action by controlling their territories and the use of drug in to medicinal purposes only. It was also necessary to make sure that the credit due should be given to those who worked for the research and development of the drug and hence the patent of drugs started. After that there was no looking back for the pharmacists and their companies. Brands stared to patent their drugs but it was still not an easy task to get the drug to a larger customer bases and also the money involved was huge and there came PCD module AKA propaganda cum distribution network came in light in around eighteen sixty three when a pharmaceutical brand with a well-known patented drug started contacting wealthy people in certain areas to come and join hands and gain profit by being their franchise partners.

Franchise partners are not exactly a partner to the brand but the share a percentage of the sales from the patent drug sold by the brand in a particular area in returns of a small fee that they have to pay either one time or annually depending upon the contract. By this game changing franchise business the brand collected enough money to continue their research and development for further medicinal drugs and also got manufacturing divisions all over the continents for their patented drugs. The franchise now have to take care for the distribution and local marketing of the brand with a quality control measurement overlooking by the brand owners themselves. This way the brand have to research and develop only new drugs that would be more effective than previous without worrying for the already released drugs and their distribution or marketing. The franchise partners do not need to spend money in to research and development for the drugs and they get the formula in exchange of a small fee. All these franchise need to focus is on the marketing and distribution for the brand products.

These companies usually starts with two or more patented drugs with a demand in market and expand their business by building up relationships with the marketing giants and by having a strong franchise chain above them.

These franchise although looks after a limited area to work in where all the rights of production, packaging, advertising and marketing are theirs. Sometimes they also take all the profits for themselves in return of a fix amount of fee to the brand owners where as in some cases the profit has to be divided between the brand owners and franchises in discussed percentage.

Franchise have to take care of all the brandings, and marketing materials including all the customer care sections and law suits (if any) comes under their area of distribution. Franchise then makes distributor s for a better market reach and gives support of medical representatives to those distributors. These medical representatives than reach out in to the retailor market and create the demand for their particular products by telling the products use to the local practitioners. These medical representatives also give free ample dosage to the practitioners so that they could prescribe and check the results for themselves.

By PCD pharma company module of marketing

  • The brand owners collect enough money to support their further research and developments.
  • The franchise owners get maximum profits without spending money on research.
  • Distributors get easy access to the drugs originally invented and patented continents away.
  • Retailors get ease of business by stock fulfillment and expiry disposals on time as the production facilities aren’t so far.
  • Consumers get their actual desired effective drug with ease because of market awareness of a particular drug.

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