How Supreme Quality of Fiberglass Gratings Are Made?

FRP fencing

Fiberglass grating is a single piece moulded FRP grating that is usually used for platforms, floors, ramps, stairs, covers, and catwalks. This grating is fabricated and produced from resin and continuous fiberglass. It possesses high strength-to-weight ratio and is maintenance free. The integral anti-slip design and light weight structure make the grating a sophisticated product. Its interwoven construction provides it outstanding strength.

The Fibergrate Is Produced and Intended In The Ways As Follows:

  1. Smooth resin rich surface and taper bars offer self-cleaning.
  2. The cross-section design offers anti-slip feature.
  3. Polyester resin and wetted continuous glass fibers combination assures extreme corrosion resistance in the grating.
  4. Load applied to grating is conveyed to adjoining cross bars and bearing bars and this initiate easy load distribution over the grating and on the support structure.
  5. Integral construction of the grating distributes loads to both cross bars and span bars.

Features Brought By Fiberglass FRP/ GRP Gratings-

  1. Rust resistance: No matter if the grating is exposed to continuous splash, submersion, fumes or gases, your fiberglass grating will perform in brilliant way unlike metallic grating.
  2. Fire resistance: These FRP fencings are tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 TTM (Tunnel Test Method).
  3. Impact resistance: FRP gratings are flexible and do not deform or lose its original shape.
  4. Non-magnetic: Non-magnetic features allow fiberglass FRP gratings to be used in sensitive installation where the magnetic properties are not necessary.
  5. Easy to maintain: You don’t need to paint or coat the fiberglass grating with protective layer as the product is completely durable and rustproof. It doesn’t response to UV, electromagnetic or radio waves.
  6. Light weight: Fiberglass based gratings lower the fabrication and installation costs. You just need a partner to help you in installing these gratings on the site. There is no need of cutting or welding.

Gratings manufactured with resin and fiberglass are not only intended for strength, but also to overcome the corrosion issues found in laboratories, chemical and other factories when corrosive fluids or acids are encountered on the grating surface.

Gratings Are Ideal For Use In Distinct Locations

  • Catwalk
  • Drainage stairs
  • Refrigerator car trays
  • Fencing
  • Bridge flooring
  • Ventilating screens
  • Pole guards
  • Foot scarpers
  • Crating
  • Fire escapes
  • Areaways
  • Running boards
  • Window guards
  • Mooring decks
  • Racks and shelves and more

Custom made Fiberglass gratings are one of the finest sophisticated products that possess multiple uses. You can find a comprehensive range of FRP Gratings at manufacturing store near your place.

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