How To Finance Motorcycle Helmets

A helmet is a must-have accessory for any ride. Whether you need to replace a damaged lid in a hurry or you’re gearing up for the first time, find out how financing can help. Compare the various financing options available to discover ways to get your carbon fiber dirt bike helmets, cruiser half helmets or any other type of lid today.

Pros and Cons of Financing a Helmet

Financing is a big decision, but it can be exactly what you need to invest in a quality helmet. Motorcycle protective gear comes with a wide range of features and safety levels, so it’s important to know what you’re shopping for. When you use financing, you don’t have to settle with an uncomfortable or unsafe experience.

Don’t settle for the first credit card or loan option that comes your way. Many credit cards try to advertise themselves as a great way to buy a helmet, but you often end up paying high interest rates on a restrictive payment plan. Shop for financing options based on these factors:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Little or no money down
  • Easy loan application
  • Low interest rate

In most cases, financing directly through the seller will have the best rates. Work with a motorcycle parts store that offers quality financing for online purchases with more generous terms than a credit card.

Be careful when shopping for financing. Financing directly through the buyer can be a great option, but some third-party financing options, like credit cards, are bad news. It’s easy to rack up hundreds or thousands of dollars on a credit card as you get all the essential gear for your next ride, which means you’ll be paying a significant amount in interest.

Finding the Right Lid

Once you find a store willing to work with you on financing your new helmet, it’s time to find the right lid. Shopping online is surprisingly easy thanks to customer reviews, search tools and helpful guides. Find out how to size a motorcycle helmet to confidently purchase the perfect fit online.

Look for a helmet that comes with a generous warranty, is certified by the DOT or SNELL Foundation and has the features you need. Features can range depending on the type of riding you’re planning on doing. Breathable vents and fog-free face shields are essential for a motocross track, but a cruise around the countryside deserves generous padding and a lightweight, sturdy lid.

How To Finance Your Helmet

Financing an online order is surprisingly fast and easy. Select your helmet, add it to your cart and choose to pay with Affirm or another financing option provided directly through your online store. Receive an immediate credit decision with just a few personal details on a safe platform.

Shop for Helmets Today

You’re just a few clicks away from the latest helmet technology. Deck yourself out in killer motorcycle gear, like the latest cruiser open face helmets, today. Shop online to discover how convenient financing makes it easy to invest in a killer helmet for any riding style. Get ready for the open road, the dirt trail or any other adventure.

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