How To Paint The Kitchen Furniture

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Each room in the house has furniture which is its main element. Tables, chairs, sofas, cupboards, and cabinets are always in sight, so except for the basic functions their appearance should serve as interior decoration. And because in the course of time comes aged deterioration and furniture lose its attractiveness it must be renewed.

Painting is the easiest method of updating the furniture by which you can change the appearance of the interior, make it more attractive. The old cupboard can find a new life after the repainting but only if it is made from a strong and quality material. Therefore, you should not immediately dump it. Because the old furniture generally has a higher quality, made from natural wood, which makes it more reliable and durable.

The correct color can completely change the look of your kitchen or other room. Replacement of furniture are always sufficiently costly, and change its color is the exactly perfect option when budget constrained. Before you start painting remember the main thing: all wooden furniture especially cabinets in the kitchen covered with a glossy substance that can be wiped clean over time with a rag, so the paint cannot cover it. Additionally, before you decide to start check the condition of your cabinets. If they are made of particleboard which is deformed and subjected to rotting even a good painting will not be able to hide shortcomings. On the other hand, solid wood cabinets can be considerably improved by a fresh coat of paint.

Do you really need to paint the kitchen cabinets? Taking any decision, determine what coverage have your kitchen cabinets. If you cannot determine it yourself, look for professional help, such as designer modular kitchen manufacturers in India. They will tell how to correctly prepare your furniture for painting. Depending on the complexity of the work, you might want to hire a professional. Think over all as it should. Repainting of cabinets by yourself will require you a lot of effort and attention. Always consider the cost of expenses for updating the facade or the replacement of furniture in general, and to what extent they compare to your short-term and long-term plans.

Choosing The Best Paint

If you decide to do everything yourself contact to a reliable building material shop and consult with staff about the choice of paint. Choose a waterproof paint to avoid a lot of problems with caring for the renewed furniture in the future. Also, the paint should be resistant to paint adhesion to the door in the closed position not stuck.

In addition, it must be remembered that all the bumps and blemishes of painting are more noticeable on the dark colors. And contrary to popular belief, the dirt is more noticeable on the surfaces of dark shades.

When purchasing paint, stop your choice on the most expensive lineup. These paints are very thick and consumed sparingly. Do not use a frosted coating, because caring for them is much harder.

Stages Of Painting Furniture

Painting kitchen cabinets white or any other color has several stages:

Remove all accessories and fittings. Carefully wipe the surface. Use a clean dry cloth or an old T-shirt, and a solvent (white spirit) or triple superphosphate. Do not just walk around with a rag over the surface but rub thoroughly to remove the remaining oil, wax, and dirt. It is important. The paint is very unpretentious material but it absolutely not tolerate to the dirty and greasy surfaces.

Lightly sand the surface to a finishing layer using fine-grained sandpaper. After a polishing walk around on the surface with a clean rag to remove every single dust particles.

Apply soil picks up primer for glossy surfaces.

Apply, at least, two layers of paint you have chosen. Let the paint dry and lightly sand the surface between layers of paint.

As soon as the paint dries assemble cabinets. Ensure that you remember the sequence of their assembly and location and did everything right.

Tools For Painting Cabinet

It is necessary to stock up on these tools and materials:

  • sandpaper with different grain size;
  • flat brush or spray, which is used in car painting;
  • rags and sponge;
  • a hammer;
  • nails;

Selecting a tool for painting cabinet (roller or brush) is a business of each master. But from a practical point of view brush is more suited for this job. With its help paint is applied evenly, accurate layer, uniformly distributed over the surface. Moreover, using a brush it is convenient to paint inaccessible places and small parts. In the assortment of building material shops is available all types of the rollers and brushes for working with paints.

For certain areas of the cabinet is necessary to use brushes of different sizes. For example, for corners and other inaccessible areas use a narrow brush, because the wide will not reach there.

When painting in several steps brushes and rollers for a period of drying of each layer must be placed into the water. Do not let them dry up, wash them in time. Otherwise, they quickly will be damaged and you have to buy new ones.

What you should pay particular attention to

Painting cabinets at first glance may seem unpretentious exercise, but it is a great and painstaking work. Make sure you have the time, experience, and patience. Remember that you have to “contemplate” painted cabinets every day. Be critical in relation to your abilities. If you still have doubts, better hire a professional. Of course, the work of the specialist will take much less time, and the result will be higher quality. Learn the different viewpoints. Whatever decision you have taken communication with different specialists become a wonderful experience for you. Many professionals use a spray for a painting. This gives an excellent result and a smooth surface.

Now you know how to paint kitchen cabinets white and other colors. Experiment with colors because it is much cheaper than buying a new furniture! Additionally, you can the whole kitchen paint; colors with white cabinets in the interior should be too bright or on the contrary contrasting.

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