Manufacturers Guide On Pin Mill Optimal Performance And Minimal Downtime

Industries are approaching a reliable pin disc mill manufacturer in their locality to source premium and efficient pin disc mill to process dry bulk materials. A pin mill is a machine that reduces dry bulk material to medium powdered form by impact technique; i.e. by hitting or striking material particles with extreme force to piece them. If you are already using any impact mill, you must know that the components of the unit are exposed to high wear and a challenging environment to perform.

The only way to fight the circumstances is to choose a mill with components and operating features that are personalized by manufacturer for your application. Here in this post, we will share some tips on how you can specify a pin disc mill that will deliver exact expected performance at peak levels with minimal downtime for replacement and repairs.

Basics of pin disc mill

A pin mill is a type of disc mill or impact mill that is being used for grinding bulk dry solid materials to medium sized particles from 20 microns – 0.5 inch. This type of unit is versatile and designed for handling a wide range of materials, including hydrated lime, wet corn slurry, sugar, fertilizers, food ingredients, etc.

When you specify the correct components and operating features for your pin disc mill, you take a step ahead to optimize the mill in order to grind the material to the required fineness and reduce equipment downtime for parts repair and replacement. By doing this, you get a mill that yields a final product with homogenous particle size distribution, deals with extremely abrasive or corrosive material, or safely reduce the size of heat sensitive material without any damage.

You can take help of the pin disc mill manufacturer in specifying the mill. The supplier is already selling the mills for years and he can help you determine what will take to keep the operation smooth with minimal downtime.

Here are some practical tips to help specifying the pin mill-

1.Specify the right pin number and its arrangement

With proper and right selection of pin numbers and arrangement for pin mill, you can not only get a machine that produces the final particle size distribution you need, but also regulate the narrowness of that distribution to meet your product demands. When you choose the right number and arrangement of pins, you have to deal with minimum material buildup during grinding process. It even reduces wash down requirements and the associated downtime.

2. Specify premium quality parts and apt options for the application

Every impact mill is subject to wear during grinding or milling process. The parts including pins, the wear plate, the rotor, and the impact wall are subject to wear over time. You can slow down the wearing of these parts by using less corrosive or abrasive materials in the mill.

3. Stock wear parts

It’s always a great idea to stock spare wear parts- pins, rotors, wear plates, and impact walls inside your plant maintenance department to save the time and money. You can source the best grade material parts from pin disc mill manufacturer or supplier in your area.



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