Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012 Mainstream Support Comes to End!

Microsoft is all over the news again. Not because of the release of some hot-shot software in the market, but this time to inform users that it is in plans to withdraw its support to AX2009 and 2012. Owing to the fact that the software giant has an obligation of offering support to its products to only a specific number of years, for say 10 years in the case of Microsoft Dynamics AX products, Microsoft rolls out the information to let its users know that services of Microsoft Dynamics AX will no longer be available in the market for use now. Every product that’s released comes with a lifecycle that ends when their complying units no longer support the software. This surely means the giant has something better in store for its mass customers.

The Meaning Behind

Bringing a mainstream support to an end means that Microsoft will no longer roll out any further updates to the products. However, till the time they are in the mainstream, any requests raised against their interface change, designs and features will be studied and implemented accordingly. On the other hand, security and non-security quick-fixes will not be provided by Microsoft post the date of their expiration. The warranty claims will come to an end too. The most important of these is that the consulting resources will also disappear into thin air.

So, what’s the option behind?

Microsoft urges its users to buy an extended support agreement in order to keep using the software. Pay a nominal free against custom support contract or consider upgrading now to its Dynamics 365 tool.

By upgrading to Dynamics 365, users can avail the following benefits.

  • Being a cloud-based tool, it aids in reducing the infrastructural cost to quite an extent.
  • With this cloud model, one can opt for monthly subscription fees than paying a large up-front amount.
  • The tool speaks of a plethora of new features and functionality, including easy access through mobile devices, and embedded BI.
  • High scalability along with guaranteed excellent results.
  • Decreased customizations by approximately 40%
  • Promised stability and security of Azure Dynamics
  • Known to boost productivity
  • Paves way to the capabilities of Power Apps and Flow which enable a smoother business workflow

Preparation Techniques

In this era of ever-changing and constantly evolving technology, making a shift at the right time is the key to sustain one’s company’s growth and run smooth business processes. It’s never too late to make a change, for once the platform is off the radar, the loss can be hefty. And, the question of choosing between switching to an upgrade or newer version, the decision is absolutely yours. The scale of functions and operational reliability on a software is what must be taken into consideration while making a choice.

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