Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Besides the passion and dedication to learn, you need to be smart and aware of what are the known challenges, solutions, and tricks in working with Software. This blog is all about making you smart if you work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Challenges and Solutions
Asp.Net web developers India who have been working on Microsoft Visual Studio often face similar issues which are identified as common challenges and some experts or creative minds come up with solutions to these challenges. While not all challenges have a solution, you can overcome some challenges. Let’s take a look at these.

  • Errors are inevitable while coding and a challenge is to avoid these before compile time and runtime. The Software like Visual Studio 2010 prompts error in compile time codes and allows you to fix them right there. The runtime errors are a different ball game all together and you might require a level of proficiency to fix such errors.
  • There has been an update in the Intellisense feature. In the previous versions, the Intellisense showed the identifiers that had the searched criteria in the beginning, but now Intellisense allows you to look for identifiers that have the searched word even in the middle.

Tricks and Hacks

Tricks are a part of every business and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is no exception. These simple tricks can help you save a lot of time by completing tedious things with a simple function or snippet.

  • Navigating between the codes is one of the most important things that a developer might need. Visual Studio 2010 has tools like Call Hierarchy and Call To that lets you navigate between codes and allows easy access. Using these tools can increase a developer’s productivity and minimize end errors because a developer can keep cross referencing.
  • If you are proficient with XAML, then while making animations or creating templates try the XAML editor rather than the graphical editor. Most people think that XAML editor gets complicated to work on after a certain point but in cases mentioned above, it is way easier.

There is no doubt that every update of a Software comes with new and exciting features that make work easy. However, many a times the updates require a transition from what we have been doing for a long time to something new that would need additional upskilling. These transitions and changes are often a big challenge for developers because of the change involved. The need is to be open about the transitions because these are what keeps us up-to-date and valued.

With the Visual Studio 2010 updates, a few new features are set to make development a lot easier. There will be challenges but then the solutions are also available. With that note, share your thoughts in comments section on what in Visual Studio 2010 changed the way you worked.

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