Mobile CRM Is Not The Beginning of An Era?

Mobile CRM

A few years ago, no one imagined the kind of revolution smartphones would bring. The companies offering web solutions were more focused on optimizing their products and services to computers. Then, smartphones offered a new arena for innovation, and companies ventured into app creation to offer the same services that they were offering on desktops. This was soon followed by the development of responsive design, app developing Software, etc.

While each industry had its own way of interacting with smartphones, the CRM industry went mobile. Almost all ace providers including the Microsoft Dynamics CRM company India started offering mobile-based services to keep up with the trend.

Now, the question arises:

Is Mobile CRM A Beginning?

I would say no! For me, the beginning of an era was when the first CRM Software came into being. The transition from the traditional systems to the automated versions is what the true beginning was. Now, each step forward is just a stage of CRM evolution. Mobile CRMs operate on pretty much the same functionality with the only difference of being an on-the-go solution where neither customers nor companies have to wait for a specific time. They can interact easily without any limitation of time and place.

It Is a Stage in Evolution

Almost all the major CRM solutions are now mobile. But, this does not mean that these will not evolve. Like it progressed from desktops to mobile, it might progress from mobile to some other device in the future. Just as we did not anticipate the mobile era, we cannot be sure of the future era. With mobiles are primary devices, CRM offers:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Mobile CRM solutions allow companies to engage customers by sending information or taking feedback on relevant products within a time. For example, if an eCommerce company wants to send mailers to the client, it can send relevant mailers on the basis of purchases made by the client in previous few visits. Mobile CRM allows company representatives to do this activity manually or doing automatic settings on the go.
  • Improved Employee Performance: The biggest advantage of mobile CRM is to have improvement in employee performance because now employees have the required data in their phone and they can practically work from anywhere anytime. This improvement allows companies to draw greater benefits. Employees on the other hand have all the information at their disposal if they visit a client and they do not have to visit office to record the minutes of the meeting if required.
  • Increased Benefits: Companies and customer benefit alike from the mobile CRM solutions. While customers are able to download apps, send concerns, or submit a feedback, companies are able to retain customers by sending relevant offers, sharing information on upcoming events, etc. These benefits make mobile CRM a desirable choice for all the involved parties that is customers for better interaction and companies for better involvement.
  • Better Revenues: Great customer satisfaction rate does help in increasing revenues over time. Customers act like publicist and promote you if they are satisfied. The online medium has also empowered consumers to voice their concerns on different review websites. If you are able to connect with your customers and resolve their concerns, your revenues will certainly see a rise over time and what better way to connect with your customers than through mobile CRM.

An Example

The desktop based CRM solutions are absolutely capable of delivering all the benefits mentioned above. But, mobile CRM provides faster access to information and enables company representatives to act faster. Many banking organizations are making full use of the mobile CRM by providing representatives with tabs which they can take with them to the prospective clients. So, for example, if a customer wants to open a bank account, he or she can fill the form on the representative’s tab, record signatures; get a photograph clicked at the same time. The customer does not have to visit the bank branch and the bank saves time by recording the information in the database easily. This is just one of the many examples of how mobile CRM has made day to day CRM dealings more efficient.


Irrespective of the fact whether mobile CRM is the beginning of a new era or whether it is a step forward in direction of what CRM can be in future, CRM will remain an integral part of all the businesses that make use of it. Prominent players like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company India, etc. will continue to offer solutions that meet the need of the hour. This includes developing solutions that comply with the technology that is creating a rave. Only the time will tell now how CRM evolves in terms of the technologies that will shape the future.

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