Patient Engagement Solutions Adding A New Dimension To Healthcare Services

Healthcare is just not about meeting the doctor to discuss your wellbeing and getting medicine to get fit, it means a lot more today. Right from the first step to the last step it is the duty of a health care provider to ascertain that the entire process for the patient is swift and tension free.

In a country like India where the population is increasing at a steady pace, unfortunately due to lack of health care providers many people lose on their appointment day and sometimes get more and more frustrated. Many times due to lack of transparency and acceptability, the patients get lost in the crowd and do not understand where to start from.

In case the patient is not satisfied with the health care services the patient wishes to change their doctor it becomes even more cumbersome for the new doctor has to start his record and jot down the patients history from the beginning.

In order to avoid all these confusion and guarantee a smooth process, patient engagement solution is a must for everybody. Many hospitals and medical centres have already started to use this provision and very soon it would be used by everybody in the nation.

There are many advantages of making use of patient engagement solution India. Not only does it helps in making the process easy to understand but also helps in increasing clarity and transparency between the patient and the health care providers.

There are several records and reports in paper form which needs to be maintained as they can be required at any point in time. This is not only difficult to maintain but also is a costly affair. In this regards, patient engagement solution comes very handy as all the reports and records can be arranged systematically.

Following Are The Various Components Of Patient Engagement Solution

  • Patient Portals – Patient portal provides a very convenient access to the patient about their discharge summary, prescriptions, medicines and special notes from the doctor. It acts as a link between the doctor and the patient.
  • Mobile Applications – Many have a mobile app which helps in getting access on the move through smart devices such as smartphone and tablets
  • Social Media – By posting updates and interesting posts on Facebook and twitter handle, the patient is made aware of the recent information and happenings which helps him/her in keeping one selves up to date as regards health care.
  • Wearables – Wearables such as a pedometer, BP machine etc. helps keep a track of a person’s essential statistics which is very important especially during old age.
  • Automation – The best thing about it is that most of the things are automated that is, the patient and the doctors does not have to report anything everywhere, it gets updates automatically to the portal where staff and people concerned can have an open access
  • Education – Patient engagement solutions India makes sure that any new technology or advancement is communicated to the patient and they are educated to understand how to use them and take advantage of.

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