Technical Dental SEO For A Successful Website

Search engine optimisation or dental SEO is very important for successful digital marketing. Digital marketing has become very competitive and most dental practices have excellent dental websites to market the treatments and procedures that they have to offer. It is important that your digital marketing campaign is modern and updated and in keeping with current trends, so that you can stand out from amongst your competitors. Without dental SEO your digital marketing campaign may as well be non-existent, as patients will be unable to find you or your website when searching for their dental needs. There are different types of dental SEO and by speaking to a digital dental marketing team you will be able to learn more about the techniques and strategies necessary to have a strong digital marketing campaign.

Technical SEO is an important part of dental SEO. Technical SEO is involved with optimising your website to help Google spiders crawl and index your website more efficiently, which in turn will help boost your rankings on the search results page. Google prioritises websites with certain technical characteristics. Therefore, it is important to focus on technical SEO to ensure your website meets these criteria by speaking to a digital dental marketing team. They can ensure that the security and the structure of your website meet Google’s requirements and therefore help you achieve a top ranking in the search results lists.



First, it is important to have a secure website that Google and potential patients can trust. if patients are going to share their contact details with you then they want to be assured that your website is safe. A secure website begins with HTTPS and these are given preference over non-secure websites in search results lists. To ensure your website is secure you need to install an SSL certificate on your website and your website design team will help you do this.

Mobile responsiveness

Another important factor for good technical SEO is making sure that you have a mobile responsive website. This means that your website adjusts itself according to the device that it is being accessed from; this means that it is easy to navigate and explore on any mobile phone. A responsive website will help you achieve a good ranking on a Google Search results list as it is important to remember that the majority of Google searches are now carried out on mobile phones.

Website speed

To secure a high ranking on a search results list you need a website that loads quickly, as page speed is considered another significant ranking signal by Google algorithms. It is important to compress your web pages and ensure your image files are as small as possible. With the help of your digital dental marketing team you will find there are several ways that you can speed up your website and this will be taken care of by your website design team so that you can focus on your area of expertise and look after your patients’ dental requirements instead. Speak to an award-winning dental marketing team today and find out more about dental SEO and how you can boost the success of your website and in turn your dental practice too.

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